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   Chapter 2349 The Time Elk

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As Zen finished up his slaughter, there weren't many Golden Shell Turtles left in the valley.

Soon after he had killed the last Golden Shell Turtle, the four swords became weaker and disappeared completely.

Without the Golden Shell Turtles' cooperation, Zen simply couldn't copy such large swords.

As he finished, he immediately returned to the Goddess Statue.

"Thad ..." muttered Laquisha, who obviously felt very guilty toward Zen.

Just as Rachelle had said not too long ago, name wasn't the key factor here.

In fact, only three members of the Mu Clan knew of Zen's name, namely Marko, Mateo and Pranav, but they had previously died in the Evolutionary Universe.

"It's okay." Zen smiled gently at Laquisha. He simply didn't take this matter to heart.

Aleyna and Kelsey kept silent, holding their lips tightly shut in a straight line.

Kelsey still didn't know what was going on. She even thought that Rachelle was deliberately making trouble for Zen, and she thus offered her comfort, "Well, it doesn't matter. I believe that the Holy Emperors can ultimately tell right from wrong!"

As Kelsey spoke, both Laquisha and Aleyna couldn't help but sign interiorly to themselves.

If the Holy Beings were to investigate this matter, Zen would probably be unable to hide anything much longer.

As for the other True Gods, they didn't have much of an opinion on him. Most of them only cared about the upcoming attack from the next group of monsters.

Generally speaking, they had to go through eight rounds of attacks in order to protect the Goddess Statue, among which the seventh and eighth rounds were the most difficult. It was also these two final rounds that offered the most rewards; however, the rewards were only divine might coins.

This time, there was something wrong in the Time Sea Forbidden Land. It could only be expected that the situation would be different.

The Golden Shell Turtles had appeared in the sixth round. Who knew what would happen next? The True Gods could only stand around and wait anxiously.

Fortunately, there were many consummate True Gods guarding the valley now. Even if the fierce beasts were very strong, they would be capable of coping with them.


A few moments later, a loud rumble could be heard throughout the entire valley. It was so intense that everyone thought the seventh wave of fierce beasts appeared!

All of the True Gods present immediately rested their eyes on the surrounding entrances.

However, no beasts came from the south, the west or the north.

"The east! They're coming from the east!" a True God roa


The aftermath of a battle between two consummate True Gods was extremely terrifying. If ordinary True Gods were involved, they would all die without exception. No one could even imagine the results to come from the fight between dozens of consummate True Gods and the elk.

"Damn it! I would have run away had I known this earlier!"

"Even when facing the Time Ghosts, we still had a chance to live. Alas... I don't think so anymore."

"But now, we have nowhere to run anymore!"

Many True Gods complained one after the next as they helplessly retreated.

At first, a few of them noticed the consummate True Gods entering the valley and thought they were saviors.

However, the so-called saviors had attracted an even more horrible existence. The True Gods were immediately seized with remorse.


The Time Elk suddenly raised its pointy head and roared toward the sky.

The whole valley began to shake violently. So much so that the space gave off a faint sign of collapsing.

Both space and time were slightly disordered and altered, but in the moment, that was rather difficult to perceive.


In a flash, Walton disappeared and quickly reappeared directly in front of the Time Elk. He was literally no more than a few inches away.

Fearlessly and exuding braveness, Walton held onto his machete with an indifferent expression etched on his face. His foot stepped onto the ground.


With a muffled sound, the earthy yellow internal momentum quickly spread throughout, and Walton found himself integrated as one with the entire valley.

It was obvious now that he also cultivated the Earth Godly Way, just like Nathaniel.

He, on the other hand, had reached the consummation level.

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