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   Chapter 2348 A Calm Mind

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Rachelle's attack was as quick as lightning.

Zen couldn't dodge it at all because the internal momentum hidden in that blood awl was extremely sharp.

When encountering a top-rank True God like Soren, Zen still had the ability to fight back.

However, he didn't have the chance to put up even a desperate fight against the fatal attack of a consummate True God.

Even before the blood awl made contact with him, his soul was firmly grasped by the powerful killing intent from the blood awl. He felt a thrill of horror run through his body.

The killing intent in the Murdering Godly Way always had a special effect on the opponent's soul.

With that, Rachelle could easily kill the Soul-killing Ghosts.

Naturally, Zen felt as if he was going to die.

Although Rachelle was quick, there was someone who was quicker than her.

Troy barely even blinked, but somehow his hand, which had a metallic luster, shot out faster than Rachelle's blood awl, catching it in his palm.

Clank! Clank! Clank!

The still-spinning blood awl made harsh noises as it clanged against Troy's hand.

However, Troy's hand was too strong. The blood awl could almost penetrate everything, but it couldn't penetrate his hand at all.

Soon, the metallic luster on the surface of the hand became more and more intense until it was glowing with a kind of strange and powerful energy.

A moment later, Troy clenched his fist around the blood awl, covering it completely.


A dull sound came from Troy's hand as the blood awl exploded, releasing a strong energy.

However, the energy was firmly contained within Troy's fist.

Nevertheless, Zen, who was standing nearby, could feel the power of that energy.

He knew without a doubt that if this energy had escaped from Troy's hand and touched him, it would have instantly annihilated him.

'Wow! He is so strong!' Zen thought in great astonishment.

On the surface, these consummate True Gods didn't seem to be as intimidating as Holy Beings, but their power was also extremely terrifying. Although warriors had watched these consummate True Gods battle in the Arena of Legends, witnessing them fighting in the real world was a completely different feeling altogether.

Troy cast a glimpse at Rachelle and said coldly, "I've said that no matter where this guy is from, his fate will be decided by our Dongfang Clan. Don't humiliate yourself again."

Anger was written all over Rachelle's pretty face when she heard what he said, and a fierce light glinted in her eyes. She couldn't help but feel aggrieved.

After all, she had wanted to kill Zen because she believed he was Mike's man, and it was the Dongfang Clan which was the chief plotter in dealing with the Luo Clan.

own in such a short period of time. However, Zen had already managed to calm himself down.

Once he was feeling okay, Zen took out his Buddha Emperor Sword and walked toward the Golden Shell Turtles.

Since no one was going to restrict his freedom, he wanted to take this opportunity to make himself stronger.

The Holy Beings outside the forbidden area also saw this scene clearly.

"Haha! Rachelle is getting smarter and smarter! According to Harold's words, there is indeed something fishy about that little guy's origin," Clark said with a laugh.

"Harold did mention the Han Clan during his speech after his open battle. And it was at that time that the kid appeared. The chances of him being Mike's man are really very high." Jeremiah also nodded in agreement.

With a calm face, Samuel said, "Mike has always been fond of military tactics. It's possible that he has put a pawn in our Han Clan to carry out his plans, but these are only speculations and can't be completely confirmed. Rachelle crossed the limit by trying to kill someone so casually."

"Samuel is right," said Nicholas in a calm voice. "When Thad leaves the Time Sea Forbidden Land, I'll personally investigate him. Everything will be clear at that time. Rachelle was still too impulsive. Fortunately, Troy was able to stop her."

The Holy Beings grew more and more curious about Zen's identity.

Among these people, only Joy knew the truth.

Although she looked calm on the surface, she felt restless in her heart.

She hadn't expected things to develop like this in the Time Sea Forbidden Land. There was no way to turn back now.

If things went on like this, Zen would be in grave danger.

Thinking of something, she sighed softly, and a touch of determination flashed quietly in her soft eyes. She had just made a decision.

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