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   Chapter 2347 No Match For Rachelle

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Zen finally spoke as he wielded the four swords with his mind.

He shouted angrily, "I know you just want to kill me! Don't try to give excuses. Everyone knows how unreasonable you are. I beat your sister in the Arena of Legends that day, so you're just standing up for her now. But don't you think trying to kill me is too much? And if you really want to kill me, then what option do I have other than to fight back?"

This was the most dangerous situation Zen had found himself in after entering the divine land.

At this moment, countless ideas popped into his mind.

If he just ruthlessly fought back, it would arouse everyone's suspicion of him and make it seem like Rachelle was right. If he merely stood there and argued with her, the results wouldn't be much different. She wasn't one to be swayed by words and would still try to kill him.

However, he thought that if he argued while resisting her attacks, he might be able to turn the situation around.

"My sister?" Just like Zen had expected, Rachelle froze. She didn't understand what Zen was talking about. Why was Nelly suddenly involved in this?

"I defeated Nelly and humiliated her. So being a narrow-minded woman, you are not willing to let me go," Zen continued.

His words actually didn't make sense at all. Instead of refuting Rachelle's claims, he was attacking her with a ridiculous claim of his own. But the more he acted like this, the more convincing he was.

Moreover, Rachelle was notorious for her narrow-mindedness. Even though her personality had nothing to do with her current accusation about Zen, the other True Gods couldn't help but take it into account after hearing his words.

More importantly, Zen had started fighting back.

There was no time to logically think about the matter and so they all subconsciously stood on Zen's side.

If they thought about it carefully, they would realize that Zen was talking nonsense. But right now, most people believed that Rachelle had a crazy hidden agenda for trying to kill Zen.

Even Nelly was a little confused after hearing Zen's words. She was indeed unhappy that she had been defeated by him. Like her sister, she was a very proud woman with a strong character. She couldn't let her sister teach Zen a lesson on her behalf.

"Father! Thad is not just a member of the Han Clan, but he's also a genius. Rachelle is going to kill him just because he defeated her sister! Please help him!" Kelsey said worriedly.

She didn't know anything about the situation, so sh

rd, the blood-red sword light didn't stop. It spread, ruthlessly hitting the palm of his hand.


After a moment, save for the crisp sound, there was no trace of the sword light, and his hand was completely intact.

"Stop it, Rachelle," Troy said calmly.

"Why did you stop me?" Rachelle asked coldly.

At the same time, Alfredo quietly appeared behind her and said, "No matter where Thad came from, he is still a member of our Han Clan. It won't be too late to make a decision after things are clear!"

Under the persuasion of the three girls of the Han Clan, Alfredo had been hesitating about whether he should stop Rachelle. The truth was, he personally didn't like Zen and didn't care about whether he lived or died.

But now that Troy had come forward, as the head of the Han Clan, Alfredo would seem cold-blooded if he didn't do anything.

Troy glanced at Alfredo with disdain in his eyes before turning back to Rachelle. "As you said, there is indeed something that doesn't add up about this guy's background. But whatever it is, he was chosen by the Holy Emperor of our Dongfang Clan. It won't be too late to deal with him after we find out his true origins. There's no need to rush to kill him!"

In Troy's eyes, Zen was just a fish on a chopping board. No matter what, he would not be able to escape. Why did Rachelle have to kill him in such a hurry?

"Oh, I see," Rachelle said expressionlessly as she pulled her sword out of Troy's hand.

However, the moment she pulled out the sword, murderous intent flashed in her eyes. The blood-red light on the sword spun madly, turning into a blood awl before shooting toward Zen's head once again.

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