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   Chapter 2346 Determined Identity

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As she watched her sister walk toward Zen, Nelly couldn't help herself but feel suddenly uneasy.

Despite the feelings that were overwhelming her, she agreed with her sister's analysis. She thought that her sister was doing the right thing in trying to eliminate the crisis in the cradle.

Subconsciously, however, she still wanted to justify Zen.

Zen didn't realize that danger was looming not far from him. He was getting better and better at killing the turtles.

The power of blood energy provided by killing these Golden Shell Turtles was coveted, even by a few of the consummate True Gods. It was quite an amazing tonic for Zen, and the blood energy in his body benefited from a clear qualitative improvement!

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

After chopping the four Golden Shell Turtles in half, the four huge swords grew weaker than ever before, and dispersed at once.

Not even a few seconds later, the four golden turtles were already sending the four swords back at Zen!

At that very moment, a cold voice sounded behind Zen. "I heard that you have two names? One is Thad Luo. And the other is... Zen Luo?" the voice asked.

Zen's eyebrows furrowed slightly as he heard these words.

He didn't turn around, but continued to concentrate on controlling the four huge swords, in an attempt to kill the Golden Shell Turtles, as if he had no ears.

As the others noticed the scene, all the True Gods standing under the Goddess Statue glanced at each other in confusion.

As she too heard the voice, Laquisha turned pale, and Aleyna's nerves felt like they were taking over her.

Kelsey, on the other hand, had no idea what was being said. She whispered curiously, "Laquisha, who is Zen Luo?"

Among the three girls of the Han Clan, she was the only one who didn't know Zen's true identity.

Sensing something was wrong, Alfredo turned to his daughter Kelsey and scolded, "Don't ask about what doesn't concern you!"

Being scolded by her father, Kelsey pouted and stopped speaking immediately.

Now, Laquisha felt deeply remorseful. She had inadvertently called out Zen's name, but no one mentioned it afterwards. She thought that no one had noticed her mistake since the name "Zen" wasn't very well known in the divine land.

At that time, the consummate True Gods, including Rachelle, hadn't entered the valley just yet. Presumably, it could only have been Nelly who informed Rachelle.

Of course, Laquisha didn't know that Nelly had been paying close attention to Zen this whole time, and she wasn't one t

ned and replied.

Rachelle stood no less than a few feet behind Zen, but her expression was careless. She watched Zen's back quietly, and was extremely patient.

Although Zen allowed himself to kill the Golden Shell Turtles at will, he still felt disturbed!

Rachelle's demand was way too sudden!

Originally, he hadn't thought that exposing his identity as the anonymous man would be so problematic.

It had never occurred to him in the past that Rachelle had successfully guessed his true identity so easily.

Judging from what she said, Rachelle still wasn't completely certain. That, though, definitely wasn't enough to stop her from killing him!

What a cruel woman she was!

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

Once again, the four swords bounced immediately back from the Golden Shell Turtles.

Zen spun around on his heel and held out his hands. In the air, two huge swords flew toward each of his hands and then flew back outward.

The strength source contained within these four swords was even stronger than that of a consummate True God! The swords were raging with ultimate power.

The four swords flew toward Rachelle in an abrupt gust. The powerful strength source activated strong pressure and made her ponytail fly crazily at the back of her head. Instead of showing any fear on her face, she looked excited. "I may have given you a chance, but it was also a test!"


She quickly jumped down using the tip of her toes and floated backward. Her slightly narrowed eyes revealed a cold smirk, and the short sword in her hand became blood red.

If Zen chose to attack her directly, then his identity would one hundred percent be determined, alas.

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