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   Chapter 2345 Kill Him

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Generally speaking, the Golden Shell Turtles usually appeared in the most remote areas of the Everest Spirit Mountain. Because these beasts moved so slowly, very few True Gods ever came to attack them.

In the Fang Clan, not many True Gods specialized in the Parting Water Godly Way. Only four True Gods, including Yilia, had mastered this theurgy beyond way called Parting Water Divine Mirror. And these few True Gods had never encountered the Golden Shell Turtles before.

As for Shahn, on the other hand, he had killed Golden Shell Turtles in the Everest Spirit Mountain. That said, he didn't practice the Parting Water Godly Way, and thus, had no idea that the Parting Water Divine Mirror could have such an effect when encountering a Golden Shell Turtle.

The sixty-four Buddha Emperor Swords continued swaying next to Zen, several of which began showing signs of instability.

After all, Zen didn't have a Purple Power Body. Although he had cultivated the Purple Aura Godly Way, he couldn't completely master the Separate Controlling. For this reason, Joy had only taught him the theurgy of controlling four swords.

Although Zen had become a True God now, it was still difficult for him to control sixty-four Buddha Emperor Swords all at once!

'Just combine together!'

Zen thought to himself.

The sixty-four Buddha Emperor Swords merged together in haste and changed from sixty-four swords to four huge swords!

'The strength... It's weakening so fast!' Zen thought, and his gaze suddenly froze.

His strength weakened quickly as it escaped his body!

When Zen's Buddha Emperor Sword was completely expulsed from his body, its strength source needed continuous replenishment through the Cross-world Theurgy in order for the Buddha Emperor Sword's shape to be maintained. If he stopped replenishing the strength source, the Buddha Emperor Sword would collapse in a very short period of time.

The strength source that formed the four huge swords didn't come from Zen, but was the duplicate created by the Golden Shell Turtles.

The four huge swords were too large and needed so much strength source. Zen's strength source was unable to maintain their shapes and the four huge swords were rapidly weakening, like the melting ice and snow, right in front of Zen's eyes.

"Go!" he shouted aloud.

Before the four huge swords completely weakened, Zen controlled them and directed them to chop the four Golden Shell Turtles not too far off!


The four huge swords contained the power which was so astonishing that it was comparable to a strike coming from a cons

hance that there could be a talent or two, like Zen, appearing from an unknown clan."

Rachelle looked at Nelly with strange, doubtful gaze. "Father isn't completely sure, and neither am I. But there is another thing. Back in the Arena of Legends, Harold has unexpectedly said that except for the Moon Clan, the Sword Clan, the Han Clan and the Gu Clan, the other clans weren't even allowed to enter the Everest Spirit Mountain...

According to our father's analysis, Harold must have known that someone had already arrived in the Han Clan, and thus sent such a message to this person. That is to say, he spoke those words only to ask the warrior to travel to the Everest Spirit Mountain's Cloud Dragon Ravine. Coincidentally, the Han Clan's anonymous man suddenly emerged. Do you still think this is a coincidence?

There's at least an eighty percent possibility that the anonymous man was sent by Mike. Let's face it..." As she spoke, Rachelle glanced at Nelly indifferently and asked in confusion, "What are you so nervous about, anyway?"

Nelly's heart skipped a beat. She shook her head at once and said, "You're right. His identity is suspicious, but we can't be completely sure that he belongs to Mike, either."

"Don't you know me better than that?"

Unexpectedly, Rachelle stood up with a tight smile on her lips and said, "Mike is very powerful and crafty. He's good at laying out plans, and each of his chess pieces is of great use to him, and only him. But it's easy to break his plot. I'll kill each of his men one by one!"

As she finished speaking, Rachelle pulled out a short sword and looked at Zen, who was still killing the Golden Shell Turtles in the distance. "I'd rather kill him than let him go."

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