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   Chapter 2344 Bounce And Copy

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The souls, the Godly Ways, and the strength could be refined to consummation, which was the limit of True Gods' power.

Once a True God had cultivated Nine Divine Stars, they could continue to accumulate the strength source. The soul, on the contrary, was hard to make progress on after one achieved the Soul of Light. The Godly Ways were standards to figure out whether or not one had become a consummate True God. If one wanted to become stronger after breaking through, their only hope would be the theurgies beyond the Godly Ways.

The blood energy, however, could be infinitely absorbed. The bodies of consummate True Gods were exceptionally strong, and the blood energy they contained was far stronger than that of ordinary True Gods. But it was very difficult to recover their bodies using only their own blood energy.

For example, Rachelle paid a high price when she had to repair her wounds by taking the seven times refined pill.

The True Gods could heal quickly without using pills, if their blood energy was strong enough.

Therefore, the consummate True Gods often scrambled for pills and methods to strengthen their blood energy. Several of them stood up one after another, intending to kill the Golden Shell Turtles.

The turtles' shells could send back all attacks in ricochets but it was not a big deal for the consummate True Gods.

Zen had also noticed the blood energy.

He had swallowed a Nine-head Snake Blood Pill in the fairy palace that had greatly increased his blood energy.

However, his corporeal body was far stronger than those of the True Gods of the same level. He had been a low-rank True God, but his blood energy was still not enough.

As a vast majority of the True Gods did not intend to make a move, Zen turned and began walking towards the Golden Shell Turtles.

Thump! Thump! Thump!

In no time, the first Golden Shell Turtle had found Zen and rushed towards him.

But since it carried a heavy shell on its back, it was achingly slow even at its full speed.

Threads of strength sources condensed before Zen's body and formed the Buddha Emperor Sword.

It then thrust towards the head of the Golden Shell Turtle.

Watching the invisible Buddha Emperor Sword approaching it fiercely, the turtle retracted its head into the shell.


The Buddha Emperor Sword crashed onto the shell of the turtle, leaving a fist-sized crack.

Zen didn't use his full strength. It was obviously impossible for him to kill a Golden Shell Turtle with a single move like a consummate True God. But according to Zen's estimation, he could kill it with a few more strikes.

As soon as his sword hit

he hadn't figured out what had happened. He had only noticed that Zen had the strength source by his side. But he was stunned when he finally saw it clearly.

"He's using the Parting Water Divine Mirror. Where did he learn it? I didn't expect it to work in this way!" Shahn said, having got a nasty shock on seeing this.

By then, Zen had thrown sixteen swords onto the shell of the Golden Shell Turtle at a time. The shell exploded, and the turtle died, giving off a glimmer of blood energy that was absorbed by Zen's body.

The broken shell shone with a white light, and sixteen Buddha Emperor Swords appeared from the light curtain, shooting towards him.

Zen once again employed the Parting Water Divine Mirror to reflect them one by one. He then controlled the sixteen swords.

He was now controlling thirty-two Buddha Emperor Swords.

Zen was shocked at the swords thickly dotted in front of him.

There were thirty-two Buddha Emperor Swords in all. If Zen used them to attack a target, even a top-rank True God would be beaten to pieces.

"Once again!"

Zen gently waved his left hand and controlled sixteen Buddha Emperor Swords to attack a Golden Shell Turtle on the other side. He then waved his right hand, and the other sixteen Buddha Emperor Swords also shot out.

As the two Golden Shell Turtles were immediately killed by the thirty-two Buddha Emperor Swords, another thirty-two swords bounced back from their shells towards Zen. Zen took them under control after the Parting Water Divine Mirror had reflected them.

By now, Zen had already controlled sixty-four Buddha Emperor Swords.

The swords gathered together, releasing the unique power of the strength source. Many of the consummate True Gods could feel the great pressure.

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