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   Chapter 2343 Hiding In The Valley

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More than two hundred True Gods who had left the valley were totally oblivious as to what was happening with the consummate True Gods.

All they wanted was to leave the forbidden area. But if they were to follow the path they had taken earlier, they'd probably run into those Time Ghosts again. Thus, they had to find a different route.

They didn't expect to see a group of consummate True Gods suddenly appear just as they came out of the Star Door.

Some of the True Gods were overwhelmed when they saw the consummate True Gods. They thought that with consummate True Gods by their side, leaving the Time Sea Forbidden Land was a piece of cake.

However, they were shocked to find that all the consummate True Gods were either injured or exhausted. It looked as if they had been in a fierce battle.

Then the huge monster was seen on the first stage of the forbidden area.

Some True Gods with lightning reflexes rushed through the Star Door and returned to the valley. The first one to reach the valley collided with Reginald.

The top-rank True God of the Xie Clan entered the Star Door and considered himself quite unlucky as he was being targeted by the monster.

Even if the True God had rushed through the Star Door, he was still caught by the enormous monster.

Boom! Boom!

Before Rachelle could reply to her sister, the outskirts of the valley shook violently and the sound of an explosion was heard, much to everyone's discomfort.

She glanced at the east of the valley. "They are still busy fighting the monster. And they'll be escaping into the valley soon." Then she pondered for a moment and added, "Who possesses the Star Door?"

"I do," Pascal answered, stepping forward.

"Give me the scroll," Rachelle ordered.

Pascal didn't like Rachelle's tone one bit. However, she was a consummate True God and he couldn't fight her. Thus, he sulkily handed her the scroll.

"It's likely that they won't be able to defeat the fierce monster. Therefore, when they escape into the valley, I'll close the Star Door so that the monster wouldn't be able to enter," Rachelle said.

The True Gods finally understood what was happening.

These consummate True Gods had provoked an extremely power monster and were unable to kill it. Thus, they had to escape through the Star Door to the valley.

The True Gods wore an unimpressed expression on their faces. Since their path of leaving the valley was destroyed, they weren't quite sure of what to do next. They were stuck in the valley.

Zen leaned on the side of the tree block and observed the turtles which were crawling towards them from a distance. "Dealing with these Golden Shell Turtles is the most important thing right now, isn't it?" he suggested.

The Star Door had become

of these in the Everest Spirit Mountain," a consummate True God of the Zhao Clan said, walking towards the Golden Shell Turtles with a golden saber in his hand. According to him, the Golden Shell Turtles were annoying, but they could be dealt with easily.

With the presence of the consummate True Gods in their midst, the True Gods such as Reginald, Soren and Pascal all calmed down.

However, once they passed the trial of the Goddess Statue, the light curtain that isolated the valley would disappear, and the monster outside would be able to enter the valley. Thus, they'd have to deal with it as well. Everyone knew that it was essential to be prepared for the monster.

While the True Gods were pondering over the ongoing situation, the consummate True God of the Zhao Clan had already waved his large saber towards the Golden Shell Turtles.

This man from the Zhao Clan was Naylor Zhao. He was a powerful man, and thus, he could easily deal with the Golden Shell Turtles.

With one strike of his saber, he killed three Golden Shell Turtles.

But suddenly, a white light curtain appeared from each of the Golden Shell Turtles' shells, shot back the blade lights and bounced back Naylor Zhao's attack.

Puff! Puff! Puff!

The blade lights weren't enough to cause him any harm. Thus, he didn't try to dodge them.

After Naylor Zhao killed the Golden Shell Turtles, three balls of blood red fog arose from the bodies of the Golden Shell Turtles, and strong power of blood energy suddenly penetrated his body.

Other consummate True Gods stood still under the Goddess Statue and didn't move.

Now that they had already reached the current cultivation base, they weren't interested in any ordinary reward. However, they were in awe when they watched what Naylor Zhao got.

Zen's eyes flashed when he saw the blood energy.

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