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   Chapter 2342 Inside And Outside The Star Door

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The True God rushed out in absolute panic, an extremely terrified expression on his face.

Even a Soul-killing Ghost couldn't have caused such fear in a True God. What could he have possibly seen on the other side of the Star Door?

"What's up? Something wrong?" Reginald asked curiously.

"Outside, outside..." the True God faltered, pointing at the Star Door. Paralyzed by extreme fear, he couldn't even find the words to speak clearly anymore.

All of a sudden, the Star Door began to glow and more True Gods rushed back in from the Star Door. The True Gods returning from the outside of the valley looked as though they had found something completely unimaginable outside the valley.

"What happened?" Reginald asked again, more seriously this time.

"Out...out there, there's a monster!" another True God said in a trembling voice.

One after another, the True Gods came back from the Star Door. No more than thirty seconds later, half of the two hundred True Gods who had left earlier were all back, huddling in a group.


This time, a burly top-rank True God rushed in from the Star Door and roared, "It's coming! Run! The monster is coming!"

The burly top-rank True God was from the Xie Clan. His previous performance had also been quite impressive. He was a fearless man. Even when he encountered the Soul-killing Ghosts, he hadn't hesitated to kill many of them with his Thunder Halberd.

Now though, it was almost as though he was someone else. He looked scared to death!

Just as he finished speaking, Zen's eyes noticed a movement coming from the Star Door. He looked over just as a strange claw stretched out of it.

It was a three-toed claw. Each of the toes had a black nail. Once the claw had stretched its way out through the Star Door, it gripped onto the Xie Clan's top-rank True God, as if clawing at an ant, before dragging him back toward the Star Door.

"Cut the claw off!" someone hurled. Reginald's face darkened. Before the person could finish screaming, he had already made his move!

Besides him, the other top-rank True Gods were equally taking action and making their moves.

Zen's eyes flashed. The Buddha Emperor Sword in his hand was like an invisible fish and it condensed itself in the blink of an eye before charging toward the claw.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Clang! Clang! Clang...


Hammers, swords, axes and many other kinds of terrifying weapons swung together at the claw.

Every single True God present launched their attack and ruthlessly slashed at the giant claw.

Without wavering in the slightest, Zen's Buddha Emperor Sword hit the claw straight on!

After this round of attacks, the giant claw that had stretched through the Star Door hadn't been harmed in the least. Unbelievable!

"Help! No! Kill me! Please! Just kill me..."

The Xie Clan's top-rank True God shouted in despair. His eyes were full of fear as he cried out in pain. He clawed at the soil and left several fingerprints on the ground. Clearly, to him,


After swallowing the pill, her original tired face recovered greatly. Nelly, who had been silent beside her, asked with concern, "Rachelle, what happened out there? Can you tell me?"

The consummate True Gods didn't care about the rewards in the first stage or even the second stage of the Time Sea Forbidden Land.

However, many years ago, even the consummate True Gods had to fight their way in order to go to the higher stages of the forbidden land, together with ordinary True Gods. In other words, they still had to endure the attacks from waves of beasts beneath the Goddess Statue before they obtained the qualifications needed to reach the second stage.

Later, a consummate True God found a space crack in the Time Sea Forbidden Land out of pure luck. If one used spatial transference, one could enter the second and even the third stages through the space crack. This was a shortcut that only the consummate True Gods could take.

As a result, the consummate True Gods no longer explored along with the ordinary True Gods. After entering the Time Sea, all of the consummate True Gods would enter the third stage directly.

It had never occurred to Rachelle and the other consummate True Gods that the difficulty of exploring the Time Sea Forbidden Land had greatly increased. Now, they had provoked an extremely powerful monster on the third stage of the Time Sea Forbidden Land.

The strength of these consummate True Gods was also extremely great. They wanted to kill the monster, of course, but if they fought with the monster on the third stage of the forbidden area, they would alert other powerful creatures. After discussion, they decided to lure the monster to the first stage of the forbidden area, instead.

Therefore, they fought while withdrawing along the space crack. Unexpectedly, as soon as the consummate True Gods retreated, they came into direct contact with more than two hundred of the other True Gods who had just withdrawn from the valley through the Star Door.

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