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   Chapter 2341 Withdrawal (Part Two)

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Now, though, Zen's soul was fuller and stronger after having absorbed so much soul power. A glimmer of glazed light could be seen shining on the surface of his soul. Although Zen hadn't released any soul pressure now, the aura hidden in his soul caused Master Evil to feel an invisible pressure.

"Zen, your soul seems to be getting closer and closer to that of a consummate True God's. Is it about to become the Soul of Light?" Master Evil couldn't stop himself from asking this question.

"The Soul of Light?" Zen wondered.

Master Evil nodded and replied, "The soul of a consummate True God is called the Soul of Light."

If a True God wanted to reach the consummation of True God Realm, they had to grasp the consummate theurgy of a Godly Way. The seventh stage of each Godly Way was very powerful, and thus, a consummate True God's combat power would be enhanced to a level higher than that of a top-rank True God!

Nevertheless, a consummate True God still experienced certain weaknesses, in both soul and body.

Certain True Gods would try to make up for these two shortcomings after they had reached the consummation of True God Realm. They would cultivate in order to form Nine Divine Stars, which meant the consummation of their physical body. When their soul became the Soul of Light, it was considered as their soul's consummation.

"It is said that after becoming the Soul of Light, one's soul will change from dark to light, as if it was experiencing rebirth. Such a soul doesn't fear lightning or any method of exorcism, for that matter," Master Evil added.

Even a True God Soul was still a Soul of Darkness. It came down to the same thing as the evil spirits and ghost soul

rcular pits. Despite crawling very slowly, there were too many of them to count.

"Golden Shell Turtles," Soren confirmed, shaking his head expressionlessly. "They are the fourth-grade beasts in the Everest Spirit Mountain. They're strong enough to rebound attacks. In the end, we really can't deal with this kind of beast right now."

"Let's go," Bevan stated without second thought. Since they couldn't deal with the coming beasts, the only remaining choice for them now was to retreat—just like the others did earlier.

Seeing as the other top-rank True Gods had all made their decisions, the True Gods from the Han Clan, the Mu Clan and other clans sitting on the fence, didn't hesitate any longer.

A look of regret spread across Reginald's face. He could only shake his head and walk solemnly toward the Star Door.

It was at that exact moment, though, that the light in the center of the Star Door began to ripple slightly. Barely noticeable, but it did.

In a panic, a low-rank True God rushed out from the Star Door. His face was filled with fear, and he was moving very fast. He collided with Reginald at once.

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