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   Chapter 2340 Withdrawal (Part One)

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The Emotion Closing Godly Way had already disappeared in the divine land for over a hundred divine eras.

Even though a True God had a life span that couldn't expire, a hundred or so divine eras was still way too long.

Despite the fact that these True Gods in the valley knew the existence of the Emotion Closing Godly Way, and more importantly that it was forbidden, they had never seen it before.

In recent years, only when Sword Chen fled to the Abyss Demon Region did people ever hear about the Emotion Closing Godly Way again. It was otherwise a pretty full dead topic.

Though that event wasn't sensational, many True Gods were aware of it. However, no one had seen Sword Chen again since he had fled into the Abyss Demon Region. In other words, the matter eventually blew over and no one really thought about it anymore.

With the use of the Evolutionary Divine Arts, Zen had greatly increased his soul power and now, he displayed an extremely powerful soul pressure when using the Emotion Closing Godly Way. Needless to say, the True Gods were all stunned!

Prior to this occurrence, most of the True Gods were still worried that even if they fled to the Goddess Statue, the Soul-killing Ghosts would eventually catch up.

In fact, the True Gods who had mastered the Godly Ways that were related to the thunder had been unable to kill these Soul-killing Ghosts. It was possible that they had taken for granted that, other than the top-rank True Gods, everyone else would be killed.

Unexpectedly, Zen, who was working alone, chased a large group of Soul-killing Ghosts!

"Is this guy really just a low-rank True God?" One of them spoke out. Standing in a daze, a mid-rank True God stared at Zen, who was running wildly through the valley after

ory, and they were truly hopeless.

The True Gods cleared up the scene quickly and carried those bodies out the Star Door.

It was suddenly very quiet in the valley, and most of the True Gods kept silent. No one dared speak in such a sad moment.

The majority of the True Gods obtained no substantial benefit from resisting the Soul-killing Ghosts' attacks. They didn't even receive a divine might coin from doing so. The only ones that had gained benefit from this were the True Gods who had killed Soul-killing Ghosts! Their soul force, like Zen's, had grown quite a lot, too.

Of course, among them all, Zen was the one whose strength had grown the most.

He had killed more than three fourths of the Soul-killing Ghosts on his own, and continued to retrieve their pure and precious soul power. It was only expected that his soul strength would grow significantly!

From Zen's mind, Master Evil was staring blankly at Zen's soul.

After the death of Master Evil's physical body, he had seen Zen use those small soul arrows to tear apart Yorick's soul.

At the time, Zen had only been a proving godly warrior and yet, he had broken a mid-rank True God's soul.

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