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   Chapter 2338 Out Of Body

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The already chaotic situation had gotten much worse, but the True Gods could only rely on themselves.

Furthermore, the Star Door that Pascal and Reginald had set up was still a bit far away from the Goddess Statue.

The root cause was that it was too late when the True Gods had found the Soul-killing Ghosts. Only a few of them who were close to the Star Door were able to get in, while most of them had to retreat and crawl up the Goddess Statue.

Meanwhile, Nelly had escaped into a new encirclement and looked at the numerous Soul-killing Ghosts that crawled on the ground. She couldn't help the chill that ran down her spine.

"Kill them?" she asked simply.

They didn't have enough time to talk too much.

Now, the only way to get rid of the Soul-killing Ghosts was to kill them and run to the Goddess Statue.

The top-rank True God of the Mu Clan decided to not think twice about the overwhelming number of Soul-killing Ghosts. After all, how could he save others when he wasn't sure about avoiding their hooks in the air?

"We don't have another choice," Zen said as another wave of thunder and lightning surged from his palm.

There was a hint of blood red killing intent in Nelly's eyes, which seemed like she was possessed. Even both of her short swords became blood red and emitted a strong killing intent.

It was the "Ghost-killing Sword" of the Murdering Godly Way, which contained her killing intent from the soul. It could kill all kinds of evil spirits and ghosts of those who were wrongly put to death.

The Ghost-killing Sword usually had magic to deal with the Soul-killing Ghosts, but there were too many of them. It was nearly impossible to do.

"Let's go!" Zen shouted.

He opened his palm, then quickly released several bolts of thunder.


Surprisingly, the bolts of thunder from his palm were able to destroy several Soul-killing Ghosts in front of him.


On the other hand, Nelly suddenly turned into a blood-red shadow and ran forward at a speed even faster than Zen's. Her eyes glittered like two rubies when she neared the Soul-killing Ghosts and she hissed, "Go to hell!"

"Swish! Swish! Swish!"

She wielded her two short swords in a crisscross motion and quickly cut a Soul-killing Ghost in front of her. She pulled her short swords to her sides, and then two arc-shaped blood lights spread out and cut four more Soul-killing Ghosts in half!

At that moment, the two of them had cleared a path and immediately tried to escape the encirclement.

However, countless hooks quie

odly warrior.

After he was promoted to a low-rank True God, his soul had greatly improved.

Besides, the Emotion Closing Godly Way had everything to do with the soul. As his soul became stronger, he had comprehended the most crucial move—the Ripping Consciousness of the Emotion Closing Godly Way. Thus, it could be said that his soul had also gone through the training of the Emotion Closing Godly Way.

If he used it without careful consideration, the other True Gods would discover his secret. Thus, Zen rarely used his soul power after entering the divine land. In the Heavenly Han House, he had used his soul power alone, but hadn't activated the golden sword shadows on the surface of his soul.

In addition, it wasn't a good idea to trigger the Emotion Closing Godly Way in the Time Sea Forbidden Land. It was a forbidden skill, so it was destined to be a Godly Way that nobody was allowed to practice. Now, he didn't know if those Holy Beings would let him go when they saw his situation.

Zen, however, had no choice at all when he came to such a situation. The only thing he could do was to live first.

At that moment, the golden sword shadows appeared and emitted rays of golden light that scattered in all directions.

Although the golden light belonged to the soul power, it was so strong that it could even flatten a mountain back when Zen was still in the universe. Now that his cultivation base had increased, it was even more powerful now.

The Soul-killing ghosts that came from various directions were already about to bite his soul, but the golden lights had turned into arrow-shaped offensive forces and violently flew everywhere before they could even open their mouths.

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