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   Chapter 2337 Encirclement

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After Zen had struggled to split the two Soul-killing Ghosts into pieces, they finally released an invisible soul force!

The immensely pure soul force circled around for a while before it flew towards him.

He, however had originally planned to dodge it but he didn't have enough time to do so. The soul force immediately entered his mind and merged with his own soul.

As soon as it fused with his mind, he suddenly felt that his soul became a little stronger.

Yet at that moment, he quickly figured out something... "This is not the broken piece of the Soul-killing Ghost... this is the reward!" he exclaimed.

Instead of divine might coins, the soul force was the reward for eliminating the Soul-killing Ghosts. Such a big prize was beyond his expectations.

Meanwhile, the other side became slightly chaotic as some of the True Gods were in the middle of a commotion. "I have no way of dealing with these ghosts. I need to go first through the Star Door!" some of them shouted.

Although many True Gods cultivated two or even three kinds of Godly Ways, not every one of them cultivated a Godly Way related to the thunder. Therefore, those True Gods couldn't do anything to deal with those malicious spirits.

"Crack! Crack! Crack!"

Crackling sounds filled the air as the True Gods fired lightning and retreated at the same time.

White, blue, and purple flashes filled the place.

Those different Thunder Laws they exhibited contained different kinds of powers and their corresponding effects.

The Soul-killing Ghosts however, weren't ordinary ghosts at all. They were intelligent, and they simply crawled away at a very fast speed when faced with lightning.

The lightning strikes struck violently, but they only managed to kill about three Soul-killing Ghosts every time.

On the other hand, about eight Soul-killing Ghosts jumped simultaneously and threw the hooks in their hands once they found a chance to attack!

"Watch out!" Zen warned. He was fortunate that he could see things more clearly with his eyes.

The other True Gods had to use their soul power to sense the ghosts' presence.

"They are coming! What should I do? I…" Not far away from Zen was a low-rank True God, who had sensed with his own soul power that the Soul-killing Ghosts were about to attack him. The whole thing was absolutely chaotic, and the True God became so anxious that he activated the Promise of Absolute Beginning on his chest.

"Promise of Absolute Beginning!"


At that moment, golden light appeared in the air and surrounded his whole body.

That True God thought that he would be safe when he used the Promise of Absolute Beginning, but the hooks spiraled ov

eir circle! It seemed that they had planned everything well!

"Run!!" Laquisha shouted from the stump at the bottom of the Goddess Statue. "I would if I could…" Zen lamented.

Despite his misery, he created another lightning ball.

The Thunderstorm Godly Way was really effective in dealing with these Soul-killing Ghosts, but these ghosts were very smart. When they noticed the lightning ball in Zen's hand, they avoided getting too close and threw their hooks at him from a certain distance.

It wasn't long before the invisible hooks flew towards him with a burst of coldness.

The moment he saw what they did, he threw the lightning ball directly at them and tried to get out of their encirclement as the lightning ball exploded.

But as soon as he moved, the Soul-killing Ghosts also moved along with him, and even more Soul-killing Ghosts joined the encirclement.

At the same time, he saw an agile figure not too far away, who continuously dodged the hooks as well. It seemed that the person saw the open space around him. The person jumped up and with a flash of red, landed firmly next to him. It was Nelly.

She had been chased all the way by the ghosts as well. Even though she mastered the powerful Murdering Godly Way, she found it difficult to deal with these Soul-killing Ghosts. She could kill them with the Ghost-killing Sword, but it was too dangerous to get close to them. A hook almost hit her just now!

She saw an open space in front of her while she had been fleeing, so she quickly ran towards it. She didn't know that Zen was in the open space, which turned out to be a circle of the ghosts.

Her face dimmed at the sight of the ever-increasing Soul-killing Ghosts. She tightly gripped her short sword, and couldn't help the uncertainty that washed over her.

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