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   Chapter 2336 The Soul-killing Ghosts

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Zen never intended to join the discussion regarding the ownership of the broken arm.

He didn't really have much to rely on in the Time Sea Forbidden Land. The fusion of several hundred kinds of internal momentum was way too violent and he still couldn't control it.

His Emotion Closing Godly Way had been greatly improved by his cultivation base but he really couldn't use it since it was a forbidden way.

The Godly Ways and the theurgies beyond the Godly Ways he got from the powerful clans above the Time Sea through the Infinity Ruler were alright.

However, the greatest thing Zen relied on was the unbelievable amount of strength source within his body.

His top priority right now was to refill the nine stars in his inner world as fast as possible so that he would be ready by the time the next wave of vicious beasts arrived.

The nine stars slowly rotated within his body, exerting a huge gravitation force that continuously drew the chaotic energy into them. His strength source was now filled at around 15%.

Reginald announcing that this arm belonged to him came as a bit of a surprise for Zen.

What Reginald said was indeed reasonable. Zen cut the arm so it was perfectly justifiable for him to claim it. It resolved the dispute and even earned Zen a really rare and useful item.

Nobody would be willing to hand over such a precious thing to Zen under normal circumstances. Whoever cut it off was irrelevant in the dispute given how everyone wanted a piece of this arm. The strongest warrior could very well take it for his own benefit.

However, to bring an end to this messy dispute and ease the tension among the top-rank True Gods, Zen being the arm's rightful owner only seemed to be right.

"That's a good idea, Reginald. I also think the arm should go to Thad," Soren agreed with a smile.

"That's right. The arm was cut off by him anyway," Nelly said on behalf of her clan.

Bevan also agreed with this.

Several top-rank True Gods also voiced out their agreement. If anyone else was dissatisfied, they didn't make it known.

"Since everyone agrees, then I won't refuse," Zen said, reaching out his hand in order to put the 10-foot-long arm into his space ring.

At that moment, a mid-rank True God of the Fang Clan stepped forward. "Thad, hold on."

Zen turned to the fellow. The other True Gods frowned. A consensus had already been reached, so what was this fellow doing? This was simply too embarrassing.

Soren also frowned. He regarded Zen

nstant, seven to eight True Gods trembled and spasmed as their souls were dragged out and devoured by the monsters.

Zen and the other members of the Han Clan were not in the outermost circle, but the sight of their comrades having their souls sucked out of their bodies made a few of them tremble. Under Zen's lead, the Han Clan chose to retreat immediately.

As he released his spiritual sense, Zen's eyes flashed with a faint green light.

Others could only see faint shadows but with Zen's magic vision, everything was just a bit clearer.

He looked into the distance and saw a few cloaked dwarves crawling on the ground. They moved at an extremely fast rate and held thin hooks that were used in taking souls.

As he stood there, two Soul-killing Ghosts suddenly jumped up and threw their hooks at him.

"Humph!" he snorted.

The internal momentum flashed on his arm and shot out two bolts of blue lightning.

Clap! Clap!

The lightning shot the two Soul-killing Ghosts and hit them square on the chest.

Squeak! Squeak! Squeak!

These Soul-killing Ghosts were without flesh and blood and couldn't resist the power of lightning. As Zen's attack hit them, everyone heard mice-like squeaks before the two monsters vanished into thin air.

"Hurry up! Who cultivates the Thunderstorm Godly Way?"

"Other thunder methods will also work!"

"Bombard them all to death!"

These creatures disgusted the True Gods. Just thinking about their souls getting devoured sent a chill down their spine.



Numerous True Gods who cultivated the Thunderstorm Godly Way had begun to display their most powerful methods one after another.

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