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   Chapter 2335 The Promise Of Absolute Beginning

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Everyone steered clear of the orange light ball after seeing the top-rank True God's miserable condition after touching it.

After rolling, the ball then began to float strangely.

At the same time, more orange light balls emerged from the other three ashes.


In no time at all, the fist-sized balls suddenly began to emit rays of light.

The speed at which the light burst was incredibly fast and the rays of light connected themselves to every True God.

Some tried to dodge but it proved impossible.

Zen was no exception. A ray of light shot straight at his chest. He raised his hand to touch it but it did not fluctuate at all.

This was only for a brief moment. The four light balls soon disappeared along with the light rays that connected with everyone present.

However, despite the disappearance of the light, Zen found three orange lines inscribed on his chest.

These lines weren't divine textures nor were they Sanskrit. They were somewhat similar to the textures on the Abyss Demons' bodies. Zen couldn't be too sure of the purpose of these textures since he had never seen them before.

"What the hell are these?"

a True God huffed, placing his hand on his chest, trying to activate the lines.

To his surprise, his attempt actually worked.


A burst of golden light appeared from the orange lines and enveloped the True God. It was the exact light that flickered on the bodies of the Abyss Demons.

"Wait! What's going on?" The True God couldn't understand what was happening and was now in a state of mild panic.

Nobody could offer him an answer and simply stared, not really knowing how to help him.

Outside the Time Sea Forbidden Land, the Holy Beings also noticed the movement in the valley.

"They're quite lucky. They were actually able to get three Promises of Absolute Beginning after killing those Abyss Demons," Clark remarked with laughter.

"This is quite an achievement for them. Although the Abyss Demons weren't very powerful, ordinary True Gods wouldn't have been able to defeat them," one of the Demi-holy Beings remarked with a nod.

The Holy Beings were well aware of the trials and dangers within the Abyss Demon Region. A Demi-holy Being would never dare to venture forth without the necessary precautions, let alone a consummate True God. The Faith Energy gathered there bore the malice of all living creatures from countless divine eras; thus, the monsters there were beyond control.

"Tell them that the Promises of

u?" a top-rank True God from the Fang Clan said with an arrogant laugh.

It wasn't just the Han Clan and the Mu Clan that were interested in getting the arm.

The True Gods didn't know much about the Abyss Demon Region but they heard a couple of things here and there. Fiends' bones were supposedly very useful, especially in refining pills. The Fang Clan's famous Fiend Soul Pill, for example, required such an ingredient. Very few True Gods dared venture forth in the Abyss Demon Region, so the fiends' bones were very rare.

A tense atmosphere hung over everyone over the ownership of the broken arm.

The other True Gods initially showed little interest in the arm, but after seeing the True God of the Fang Clan get involved, they figured this was something that was worth a lot.

"Cut the arm and share the pieces with each other!"

"This bone is extremely strong. How long will it take?"

"Sharing it equally is indeed a good idea."

The Han Clan was extremely weak in terms of power standing. No top-rank True God from the clan got invited to the Astronomical Transit Day, only two consummate ones, but they were not here right now.

Seeing the beginnings of what seemed to be a messy dispute, Reginald took a neutral stance. "Let's not argue. We've got such a good reward in the fourth round, so the next prize must be better. It's not good to break the peace and harmony over an arm. I've got an idea: whoever cut the arm should be the owner."

With that suggestion, Reginald looked at Zen meaningfully.

The other True Gods also turned to look at him. Some of them completely forgot that the arm was actually cut down by this low-rank True God.

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