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   Chapter 2334 The Orange Light Ball

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Zen went all out to strike, consuming almost ninety-nine percent of his strength source.

The nine stars within his inner world dimmed rapidly.

Most of the creatures in his inner world had no clue what happened—only the Evil God looked up and muttered, "The Creator is fighting a powerful opponent again…"

Bang, bang, bang…

The Abyss Demon's broken arm with Aleyna and Nelly in its grip fell to the ground.

The True Gods who saw it widened their eyes in shock.

These Abyss Demons had astonishing defensive power—every True God was well aware of it. Though they had used their most powerful killing method, they couldn't cause any substantial damage to any of the Abyss Demons. Some of the low-rank True Gods' attacks couldn't even leave a single trace on their bodies.

When Thad launched a full attack, he had actually cut off an Abyss Demon's arm.

Just how powerful was this guy's attack?

If even the Abyss Demon couldn't withstand that blow, then who else among the True Gods present could?

Although one of its arms was cut off, Aleyna and Nelly were still in danger.

The Abyss Demon's flame sword missed its target and tried chopping Aleyna's and Nelly's heads right off again.

Having used up most of his strength source, Zen could no longer burst out any power. It was too difficult for him to drag Aleyna and Nelly out from the Abyss Demon's hand.

But Pascal, standing beside them, took action. He clenched his fist until a light golden fist shadow was formed.


The first shadow began rapidly spinning and rushed towards the Abyss Demon's broken arm.

Meanwhile, on the other side, the top-rank True God of the Mu Clan condensed some energy in his hands and heavily pulled back. An invisible wind was formed out of thin air, wrapping around Aleyna and Nelly, dragging them toward the top-rank True God. By this pull, the two, along with the broken arm, were moved for about forty or fifty feet.


The Abyss Demon's sword came down right then, but rather slowly. Finally, its sword landed on the ground and triggered a crack—it lit up with a blazing flame, as though it was an entrance right to hell.


Because the girls had been rescued from the Abyss Demon, everyone quickly distanced themselves from it and Zen was no exception.

The strike had consumed ninety-nine percent of Zen's strength—he could no longer reach a high speed by relying on bursts of his strength source. But it was still no problem for him to distance himself from the Abyss Demon.

The top-rank True God of the Mu Clan stretched out hi


The four giant swords inserted into the ground suddenly burst into blazing flames, devouring the Abyss Demons' bodies.

An invisible heatwave then spread in ripples within the area.

Those True Gods did not retreat, however, they continued instead to approach the Abyss Demons, facing the heatwave head-on. The looks in their eyes grew even more vigilant.

They were no longer wary of the Abyss Demons, but of the other True Gods.

Standing by quietly was Zen, calmly watching the flames. It would take some time for his strength source to recover, so he couldn't participate in the fight over the treasures.

When the Abyss Demons' bodies were burnt out, the flames gradually dissipated.

"Nothing?" Zen raised his brows slightly in surprise.

"What the hell? There isn't even a single divine might coin?"

"My brother has lost his life for nothing…"

"Alas, if the Abyss Demons left their bones behind, they would still be worth quite an amount of money. It's such a pity that they were burned!"

The Abyss Demons' bones were taken from real 'fiends' after all. Even the top-rank True Gods couldn't break them. Their bones alone were extremely valuable. But unfortunately, they were nothing but ashes now.

"What's that?" One of the True Gods suddenly piped in.

Everyone turned to the ashes and saw that they began glowing with some kind of orange light.

A top-rank True God was extremely fast—before the others could even react, he jumped up, reached into the ashes, and grabbed the orange ball of light. Ecstasy seemed to come over his face, but as soon as he caught the ball, a miserable scream escaped his mouth. He threw it back quickly, but half of his hand was already charred.

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