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   Chapter 2333 Dangerous Situation

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Everything seemed to move in a blur as the Abyss Demon suddenly seized the mid-rank True God.

As soon as the True God came to his senses, he struggled frantically in an attempt to escape the Abyss Demon's clutches.

The Abyss Demon however, was like a giant snake that had coiled around its prey. No matter how hard the mid-rank True God struggled, he couldn't get rid of its grip. There was nothing he could do except watch as the Abyss Demon raised the flame sword and stabbed it into his chest.


The flaming sword pierced the mid-rank True God's chest. Blood spurted out from his gaping wound before the blazing flames vaporized it. Soon enough, the fire had completely engulfed the mid-rank True God.


The Abyss Demon raised its flame sword while the mid-rank True God's body still writhed in the middle of it, his shrill cries filling the humid air.

Soon enough, his screams stopped and the mid-rank True God's body turned into ashes and drifted away in the wind.


The ground shook as the Abyss Demon waved its sword.

Thick smoke billowed in the air as the rising flames rose higher and higher.

The scorching flames released terribly hot heat waves, which swept over the other True Gods.

At that moment, the Abyss Demon's body glowed with a golden light and it rushed towards the True Gods at an extremely fast speed!


"What's going on? It's so fast!"

Not only was the Abyss Demon immensely fast, it had a very strong defensive power and incredible strength. An ordinary True God could never stand a chance against it. Perhaps, only the consummate True Gods could fight it.

The golden light around the Abyss Demon shone brighter, and then it broke free from all its restraints. It was finally able to move even faster, and all the True Gods scrambled to dodge in panic.

Meanwhile, Zen's body kept on sliding backward. He gently waved his hands. Then the Grant Sun Sword and the Heavenly Tooth Sword shuttled back and forth as they tried to hit the Abyss Demon.


There was a loud, metallic clang when the two invisible swords collided against the Abyss Demon's hard body. Both swords however, disintegrated.

The Abyss Demon didn't care about Zen at all. It chased after the True Gods at an extremely fast speed and slashed at them with its flame sword!

Three low-rank True Gods failed to dodge the Abyss Demon's attack, and they ended up being cut in half.

"Whoosh, whoosh, whoosh..."

Luckily, it did not necessarily mean that they would die.

However, the bad thing was that the flame of the great sword came from the Abyss Demon Region, and those who made contact with it even in the slightest

same size as the Abyss Demon's huge flame sword.

Of course, the sword contained all of Zen's strength source.

His strength source had come from Holy Jay, and it was equal to one third of a Holy Being's strength.

Back when Zen trained constantly, the nine stars also gradually grew and expanded. Thus, they could contain more amounts of strength source.

Despite that, however, he did not have the confidence to kill the Abyss Demon.

If even a top-rank True God couldn't kill it after they'd gone all out, it was impossible for Zen to kill it with just one sword strike.

Then again, his goal was to save Aleyna, and not to kill the Abyss Demon.

"There are cracks on its arm!"

The Abyss Demon had been under siege by a group of True Gods for a long time, and the surface of its body was covered in bumps and cracks. Zen carefully observed the Abyss Demon's left arm and found that a large fissure had already appeared at the upper end of it.

"I should hit its arm!"

At this moment, Zen had no time to think too much. He controlled the giant sword to attack the crack on its left arm.

Aleyna and Nelly only felt a tremendous force sweeping past their heads. It was a horrible force that could terrify people. It seemed as if they would be smashed to pieces if they touched it!



The area was filled with a loud ringing sound when Zen hit the crack.

A loud thud followed after the Abyss Demon's left arm, which was as huge as a tree trunk, broke and fell off.

The two girls fell down when the Abyss Demon's left arm got amputated. Suddenly, the Abyss Demon waved the flame sword with its right hand and slashed towards Aleyna and Nelly. The scorching hot flame sword brushed past them from above their heads, but it managed to burn their hair.

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