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   Chapter 2332 Attacked By True Gods

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The True Gods present understood Soren's words, but they still had no confidence in their hearts.

However, Soren was always free and alone, living in total isolation from society. Although he was very strong, he was not as good a commander as Reginald was, and he did not have the character of a leader like Bevan did.

Seeing that everyone was silent, Soren felt helpless. All he could do was to tell Reginald, "You give the orders. The first step is to make these guys slow down as much as possible. In fact, it's not that difficult..."

Reginald nodded and swept his gaze across the crowd. "Bevan, you lead a team to deal with the Abyss Demon in the east!

Nathaniel and Jolyon..."

Before anyone even had the time to blink, Reginald had already divided the True Gods present into four teams, which immediately proceeded to charge towards the four Abyss Demons.

Zen was assigned to Soren's group.

Soren had previously had the experience of exploring the Abyss Demon Region, so he ran towards the Abyss Demon directly, stopping when he was about twenty feet away from it. Then he raised his arm and pointed at the Abyss Demon slowly and deliberately. "Go!"

A multitude of translucent ice butterflies floated towards the Abyss Demon.

"Swish, swish, swish..."

These ice butterflies continuously threw themselves at the Abyss Demon. Butterfly-shaped ice marks formed on the body of the Abyss Demon in the places where the butterflies had hit it.

The Abyss Demon was extremely slow. And after the butterflies had left their marks on the Abyss Demon's body, it became slower still, moving at half of its previous speed. It looked as if it was trying to walk underwater, each step taking over five seconds.

"You lot! Help me out here. Don't just stand there watching!" Soren yelled, frustrated at the True Gods that did nothing but passively watched from behind as he faced the Abyss Demon.

Stirred into action by Soren's sudden scream, the True Gods began to attack.

Zen stretched out his hand and made a strange gesture, as if he was patting the air. A translucent Long Vine Sword shot out from his hand and transformed into countless vines that wrapped themselves tightly around the Abyss Demon.

This Abyss Demon's power was astonishing. It was able to break the vines just by lifting its feet. However, the Long Vine Sword also impaired the Abyss Demon's mobility, making it slow and disoriented.

"Snow Attack!"

A mid-rank True God thus summoned the internal momentum of the Snow Godly Way.

Soon after, a white cloud appeared above the head of the Abyss Demon. Snowflakes floated down from it, and as they descended, they congregated to form a spinning storm which engulfed the Abyss Demon completely.


"I wonder what reward will we get for killing the Abyss Demon. It's so powerful, and if it dies, will the supreme treasure of belief appear?"

Once the True God mentioned the reward, all the other True Gods' faces immediately displayed excitement. At the same time, they all glanced tentatively at Soren.

If a supreme treasure of belief really was to appear, how would they distribute it?

It would not be right for Soren to possess it alone.

Many of the True Gods had a faint suspicion in their hearts. If they worked hard to help kill the Abyss Demon but received no reward, no one would want to help kill the next one.

"Click, click..."

After a while, the continuous attacks of the True Gods began to take visible effect. Cracks started to appear on the surface of the Abyss Demon's body. At the same time, its ribs, now full of thorns, began to break, one by one.

"It seems that it can't hold on much longer!"

"Everyone, come on!"

Some of the True Gods began inching closer towards the Abyss Demon. If killing the Abyss Demon would truly get them the precious supreme treasure of belief, then they would surely try their best to be the first one to get it.

However, unbeknownst to them, danger was just around the corner.

"Woo, woo, woo..."

The Abyss Demon managed to unleash a fiery aura as it raised the flame sword in its hand, and red flame shot out from its pupils.

At the same time, its bones glowed, coated with a layer of golden light.

Protected by that layer of golden light, all the True Gods' theurgies lost their effects. Regaining its original speed, the Abyss Demon charged at the nearest mid-rank True God.

The mid-rank True God was still thinking about how to snatch the reward. Before he could react, he was grabbed by the big black hand of the Abyss Demon!

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