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   Chapter 2331 Abyss Demons

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Dark Crows were crushed by the True Gods one after another, leaving a thick layer of divine might coins that blanketed the valley.

It was an impressive amount even for the rich clans on the Floating Islands but under the suppression of the Great Dominance Technique deployed by Bevan, nobody dared to scramble for the divine might coins.

Everyone did their best to try and kill the crows in the sky.

Even though Rhyme Butterflies in the first wave and the Poisonous Wolf Scorpions in the second wave were easy to deal with, the crows in the third wave made them feel some pressure.

Just five minutes later...

No more crows appeared from the four entrances of the valley.

The fight with the third wave of beasts came to an end.

The light brown gem on Bevan's forehead slowly dimmed and dissipated as he quietly retreated to the side.

It disappeared along with the powerful aura that emitted from his body.

With Bevan no longer suppressing the True Gods, they turned to greedily look at the divine might coins.

If nobody stopped them, then the True Gods would probably be fighting for the coins in just a moment!

"Don't take any of that! Gather them together!"

Reginald ordered. His entire body emitted a powerful aura from his fighting intent that was boiling in his body.

If no one stepped in, the low-rank True Gods and mid-rank True Gods wouldn't get any divine might coins because all of them would fall into the hands of the top-rank True Gods.

That wasn't difficult for the True Gods to understand and so they didn't act rashly.

Reginald and the other top-rank True Gods waved their hands and the divine might coins on the ground gathered together, forming a small hill that was as high as forty or fifty feet.

With those top-rank True Gods guarding the small hill of divine might coins, no one dared to take a move. The pile contained seven or eight hundred thousand divine might coins, and if they were divided equally, every True God would get a good share.

Under the command of Reginald, all the True Gods got in line and orderly took the divine might coins.

After distributing the divine might coins, Reginald said, "The first three waves


"I've never been to the Abyss Demon Region before," Reginald stated. "Who is experienced in dealing with them?"

The Abyss Demon Region wasn't a place everyone could go to.

"I am," replied Soren with a faint smile.

"What should we do?" asked Reginald.

"They're very powerful..." Soren shook his head. "No top-rank True God present here can resist any of their blows."

Some of the True Gods subconsciously looked at the Star Door as their hearts sank at those words. The top-rank True Gods weren't a match for the Abyss Demons and so it was better to run away as soon as possible. They already got enough divine might coins.

"Let's give up!"

"Even top-rank True Gods won't be a match for them, we'll only be killed if we fight them."

"We already have had the harvest that has far exceeded our expectations in this Time Sea Forbidden Land. We have no regrets."

Soren stared at the Abyss Demons which were walking slowly in the distance and spoke, "The Abyss Demons' weakness is that they're very slow. In fact, they're a kind of puppet made up of the bones of fiends and they're not very smart. If we want to kill them, we have to delay them as much as possible and we shouldn't get too close to them."

Cold air rose from his hands as he spoke, and a handful of ice cocoons appeared in his hands. Exquisite ice butterflies broke out from the cocoons and flew around him. He said confidently, "Do you understand what I mean?"

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