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   Chapter 2330 Bevan Moon

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True Gods who had been to the Dark Fog Forest knew that these Dark Crows weren't that powerful. Even low-rank True Gods would be able to kill them easily.

These Dark Crows always came densely packed in groups and resided in the shadow of the Dark Fog Forest. As long as they found any True Gods, they would flock to them and attack them.

It was true, these Dark Crows weren't too powerful but there was strength in numbers. If a large group managed to surround an unsuspecting True God then their destructive power could potentially be devastating.

Their beaks were awfully powerful and potentially lethal even to mid-rank True Gods. If surrounded, a True God could have their entire head pierced with these beaks along with their bones.

After reaching the Goddess Statue, the crows ferociously began to peck at it with their beaks.

The constant tirade of pecking produced a chilling drumming noise.

Cracks quickly began to appear on the surface of the statue.

It was only going to be a matter of time before it crumbled into dust with the amount of Dark Crows that kept pecking at it.

Zen's heart couldn't help but sink at the sight and he quickly dashed in the direction of the Goddess Statue.

However, before he could even get close, he saw another figure come from not far away. It was Nelly, holding a short sword and dressed smartly in a suit. Red dots of light flashed from under her feet and she circled the statue once.

The circle quickly formed into a strange killing array.

With the formation of the killing array, a strange rune appeared above each Dark Crow that pecked onto the Goddess Statue.


Nelly screamed with a murderous look in her eyes before her figure disappeared into a blur.


She slashed at the crows with incredible speed.

The Dark Crows' bodies shone with blue light from the Mysterious Glimmer Balls at Nelly's first strike. Her attack was simply negated and the crows resumed to peck at the Goddess Statue. The cracks on the statue were widening rapidly.

Landing on her feet after her first strike, Nelly lightly tapped her toe on the ground and looked back at the crows. "Again!"

Nelly's body disappeared a second time, transforming into a blur headed for the crows.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!


y die if they disobeyed.

It was an empty threat, of course. Bevan Moon couldn't really join hands with other top-rank True Gods to kill them if they chose to collect the divine might coins instead of fighting the crows. There were so many Holy Beings watching outside the Time Sea Forbidden Land after all and most of the True Gods here were closely connected with them. Killing without a legitimate reason could only result in troublesome consequences.

However, the True Gods subconsciously chose to believe Bevan Moon's words and follow his orders.

This was the magic of the Great Dominance Technique. At a high enough level, it enabled one to have a strong leading power that caused other people to submit humbly.

"Let's just kill these Dark Crows first!"

"Everyone, let's stop gathering the coins. Since Bevan said that the coins will be equally divided later then it would be best if we deal with the crows first!".

"Another flock is coming! Everyone get ready!"

The True Gods were now resolute and no longer had greed clouding their vision. They were motivated to fight the crows instead of gathering up their divine might coins.

Most of them were not truly resolute and were merely influenced by the Great Dominance Technique.

Nonetheless, it still worked to unite them.

The Goddess Statue was once again surrounded protectively by the True Gods. With their concerted effort, the protective circular ring grew larger. The Dark Crows could no longer cross this line and hurt the Goddess Statue.

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