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   Chapter 2329 Mysterious Glimmer Balls

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Loud croaks were heard from above.

A flock of Dark Crows had arrived, blotting out the sun and plunging the entire sky in darkness.

In the blink of an eye, the Dark Crows managed to cross a third of the distance between the four entrances and the Goddess Statue.

"Don't panic! There may be a lot of them but it's very easy to defeat these Dark Crows!"

Reginald assured everyone. A fighting intent surged through him as he flew up into the sky. There, he clenched his right hand and suddenly threw a punch towards the Dark Crows.


His punch landed in the void but still produced a loud bang.

Fighting intent gathered in his fist, forming a fist shadow that rushed up into the sky.

According to his estimates, the force of his punch could potentially kill the entire flock of Dark Crows above them.

However, the moment the fist shadow hit the crows, a light blue light shone on their bodies, blocking Reginald's force.

"It's the Mysterious Glimmer Ball! I knew it wasn't going to be that simple!" he grumbled through gritted teeth.

The so-called Mysterious Glimmer Ball was a kind of supreme treasure of belief in the Dark Fog Forest. Like the Star Door, it was also consumable but undoubtedly much more precious.

These Mysterious Glimmer Balls were very rare in the Dark Fog Forest and it was often the case that only one such ball would appear in every ten years. A Mysterious Glimmer Ball could be sold at an auction in the Floating Islands for over four hundred thousand divine might coins.

However, its rarity wasn't its main selling point. It was more because of its magical functions.

If a True God used a Mysterious Glimmer Ball, the supreme treasure of belief would integrate itself into their body. Nobody would be able to detect its existence except until an enemy launched a fatal attack on the True God, in which case the Mysterious Glimmer Ball would show its peculiar power and protect its host's body.

Thus, a Mysterious Glimmer Ball could be equivalent to an automatic second life that could come in handy in the most critical moment. And that was why its price was always so high.

Reginald's attack, which could've certainly killed the Dark Crows, merely bounced off because of the Mysterious Glimmer Balls that wrapped around their bodies.

These Dark Crows were weak and there was no way that they could resist Reginald's attack themselves. However, the power of such a rare and mystical treasure protected these crows from death and rendered Reginald's attack useless. As a resu

at he worked for, this True God then also tried his best to collect the money off the ground.

Greed could oftentimes be deadly. Since there were quite a few who did not want to get the short end of the stick in looting, they began to scramble around and pick up as many divine might coins as they could off the ground. Unlike killing the Poisonous Wolf Scorpions, it was hard to tell who killed which crow so some even got into disputes over ownership of the reward.

It was this reason that the defense built around the Goddess Statue began to crumble.

A large group of Dark Crows broke through the weakness in the defense and rushed straight towards the Goddess Statue.

"Don't pick up the coins! Focus on the crows! These coins will be equally divided amongst everyone. Get through this crisis first and eliminate these crows so we can reap bigger rewards later on!" Reginald burst out in anger. He couldn't help but feel extremely frustrated at the short-sightedness of these people. They were blinded by the surge of prizes and grew greedy that they ended up scrambling to get as many rewards as they could. They didn't think of the fact that they would need to survive this wave of beasts in order to earn the better, more astonishing prizes such as supreme treasures of belief in the following stages.

Unfortunately, these True Gods could only see what was in front of them and were afraid that the divine might coins at their feet would be taken away by the others. Because of this mentality, they let the Dark Crows slip by and fly over their heads.

"Caw! Caw! Caw..."

With the Goddess Statue left unprotected, a large group of Dark Crows finally reached it successfully.

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