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   Chapter 2328 Dark Crows

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Reginald had originally trailed behind Soren because he was afraid that the latter might kill Zen. All his senses were on high alert in case such a thing would happen.

To his utter surprise, Soren seemed to have sensed a natural enemy in front of him and suddenly flew backwards. He kept a huge distance from Zen.

If it wasn't for the valley that blocked Soren's way, no one would know where he was now.

The others were also confused and didn't know what on earth Soren, a top-rank True God, was afraid of. Was he afraid of Zen? But how?

Meanwhile, Zen really could not control the raging energy in his inner world. He didn't even have a way to activate it. He had tried many times back in the Secret Time Room, but to no avail.

Having been threatened by Soren, Zen had no choice but to activate the raging energy. If he forced that ball of energy out of his body in a short period of time, then there would be a quick but terrifying explosion.

Yet, he never thought that Soren would react that way.

Soren remained glued on the cliff of the valley. The fear in his eyes eventually dissipated, but he still remained highly vigilant.

He had quite sharp and powerful perception. Furthermore, he could always trigger a strong fighting instinct, especially in the face of life and death. It was one of his talents, and at that moment, his instincts told him that Zen would kill him if he didn't run away.

Generally speaking, he would launch his most powerful counterattack to kill his opponent when such a feeling arose.

Nicholas, however, requested that he refrain from hurting Zen. Thus, he was left with no choice but to leave Zen's vicinity and run. Of course, the others did not know that.

Until now, he still couldn't understand how the strange internal momentum in Zen's body came out and why it made him feel so stressful.

As for Zen, he turned to Nathaniel again once Soren was out of the way.

A shiver coursed through Nathaniel's spine when he saw that Zen seemed to have scared his brother away.

He was weak all over and Zen's Long Vine Sword still bound him, which left him no room for resistance. If he was pale before, now his skin was the color of a dead person.

If Zen really killed Nathaniel, Nicholas, who was outside the forbidden area, would not let him go.

As Zen thought about it, his right hand suddenly trembled.


The frozen ice shell on the

Zen, no one could stop him except the top-rank True Gods like Reginald. Moreover, whether or not Reginald was willing to sacrifice his life for Zen was another question.

"It's okay. I just want to get my divine might coins back," Zen said with a smile.

On the other side, Laquisha was relieved now that Zen was safe, but Langston, who stood next to her, looked more miserable.

Some True Gods noticed that the dispute had ended, and they had killed all the remaining Poisonous Wolf Scorpions together. After all of the scorpions had died, another tremor shook the valley.

"The beasts of the third wave are coming for us. Everyone, disperse! Don't stand together. According to previous experience, the beasts of the third wave are usually birds," Reginald warned in a loud voice.

As soon as he finished speaking, black objects flew out from the four entrances of the valley.

In addition, loud croaking sounds echoed throughout the area.

Just like Reginald had said, the third wave of beasts that were going to attack them were indeed birds.

The black birds were called the Dark Crows. They were usually found in the Dark Fog Forest, which was a fourth-grade forbidden area. The Dark Crows flew at a highly fast speed, but they did not attack the True Gods in the valley. Instead, they went straight to the Goddess Statue.

It was known that if the Goddess Statue was destroyed, everyone would fail and lose their chance to enter the second stage of the Time Sea Forbidden Land. Therefore, all of them immediately launched into action.

"Stop those Dark Crows!"

"Shoot them down!"

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