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   Chapter 2327 Soren Was Shocked

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Nathaniel had swallowed a Green Blood Pill before, which was known to be quite potent.

Generally speaking, a consummate True God could quickly replenish their blood vitality if it was depleted after they'd taken the pill, let alone Nathaniel, a mid-rank True God.

The Green Blood Pill worked constantly in his elixir field. It replenished his blood vitality and made it flourish even more.

The current scene caused the people in the valley to be shocked when they saw it.

Zen lifted Nathaniel in mid-air. His body swayed with the wind as blood continued to gush out from it. A rain of bright red showered the valley like crazy, while numerous True Gods tried to dodge the liquid.

"Nathaniel is bleeding heavily..."

"The blood in his body has almost dried out, I guess?"

"Not necessarily. He just ate a Green Blood Pill to replenish blood vitality. But if it weren't for that pill, he would have become a mummy."

The Green Blood Pill continued to work its magic amidst the rain of blood, and more people became stunned.

Meanwhile, Nelly's hands were behind her back as her round eyes stared at Zen. Her usually sharp face became the slightest bit soft when she smiled.

Although she mainly practiced the Murdering Godly Way, she never thought that the Blood Breaking Bite could be used like this. The Blood Breaking Bite was indeed a good skill, but it was usually used to prevent one's opponent from escaping. Now, Zen completely depended on the Blood Breaking Bite and planned to drain Nathaniel's blood.

The Green Blood Pill did constantly replenish Nathaniel's blood vitality, but the speed of his blood loss was much faster than the rate at which it was being refilled.

Soon enough, Nathaniel's face was gradually drained of color, until he was as white as a sheet.

He tried to cut off the intangible vines at his feet, but the vines from the Long Vine Sword clung tightly on the lower part of his body. In order to cut those transparent and intangible vines off, he was afraid that he might have to sacrifice his lower body.

His achievements in the Earth Godly Way were almost invincible like Zen had said, and he still had several kinds of theurgy that he had yet to show. Now, however, he had lost his chance to turn the tables because Zen had locked him in his grip.

More and more blood spurted out from his body, and he felt like his whole being was slipping away. Panic filled his eyes. He would die if he didn't stop bleeding.

On the other hand, the Holy Beings outside

cy crystals.

All of the ice butterflies flew and gathered behind Soren. Apparently, he controlled all of those ice butterflies.

The air around them grew colder as the more Ice Soul Flame Zen released, the more butterflies Soren created, which was in Soren's favor.

"Don't waste your energy anymore. Let me give you the divine might coins, okay?" Soren said consolingly. Zen's eyes glinted in the light.

His brows were furrowed as he sighed deeply.

It was truly difficult for him to fight against a top-rank True God with his current strength.

Soren noticed the change in Zen's expression and smiled, "Maybe we will be family in the future..."

"Brother! Kill that idiot!" someone shouted. It was Nathaniel, who had finally regained his strength and quickly turned against Zen once again.

Soren, however, mentally cursed him for his words. 'My idiotic brother…'

Anger began to fill Zen as he glared at Nathaniel with a malicious aura in his eyes. An extremely violent energy started to brew in his body.

He couldn't fully control the raging energy. Hundreds of streams of internal momentum intertwined and gave off a terrifying aura.

The aura didn't really spread that far, so Nathaniel, who was in mid-air, wasn't aware of it. Neither was Reginald, who was ten feet behind Soren.

Only Soren was the closest to Zen, and there was a hint of true fear in his eyes when he smelled the rabid momentum.

He immediately let go of Zen's arm and retreated at an outstanding speed, way back to the side of the valley. His legs stood upright on the mountain wall and his whole body was on high alert. He looked wide-eyed at Zen, as if he had seen a ghost.

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