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   Chapter 2326 Rain Of Blood

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The Buddha Emperor Sword charged straight at Nathaniel's head at lightning speed.

But he spun his black axe wildly, making it seem as though he was carrying an airtight shield.

Soon, the invisible Buddha Emperor Sword collided with the black axe.


With a rather dull sound, the black axe in Nathaniel's hand steadily blocked the attack. His heavy axe was still trembling when Zen's Buddha Emperor Sword collapsed.

"You're not even qualified yet," Nathaniel sneered.

But Zen remained calm as the pieces of the Buddha Emperor Sword suddenly gathered into form where it collapsed.

It was only two feet away from Nathaniel and it grew more solid and thicker as it condensed. Then, it slashed at Nathaniel so fast that it was impossible for him to defend himself this time.

Most impressive was that Zen could somehow freely shape the illusory sword again.

Normally, the strength source Zen used to shape the four swords occupied only a small part of the Nine Divine Stars' power, but Zen could adjust it as he pleased.

A few moments earlier, Zen had seen the great power of the black axe and chose not to fight it head-on. The sword collapsing from Nathaniel's counterattack was by design. As soon as Nathaniel let down his guard, Zen suddenly released fifty percent of his strength source. The power of the Buddha Emperor Sword immediately intensified when it was shaped once again, making it clear how much greater its speed and strength had gotten.

Feeling the great power before him, Nathaniel narrowed his eyes slightly as a smile appeared on his face. Then, the Buddha Emperor Sword came slashing at his head.


The invisible Buddha Emperor Sword cut his neck with a dull sound.

If it were any other True God, their head would have fallen to the ground at that very moment. But a brownish yellow light flashed across the surface of Nathaniel's body and forcefully blocked the Buddha Emperor Sword's slash.

Simultaneously, a crack appeared on the ground beneath his feet.

Nathaniel used the Earth Godly Way to transfer the slashing power of Zen's Buddha Emperor Sword to the ground.

The crack on the ground continued to extend until it spread towards Zen. When it reached the ground rig

ming softer and softer. It had all been turned into a plot of broken land.

"It's my turn now!"

With a slight smile, Zen waved his hand. The Long Vine Sword and the Heavenly Tooth Sword immediately plunged into the soil.

Noticing Zen's grin, Nathaniel was rather stunned, wondering what his next move would be.

In an instant, a circular crack suddenly appeared within a one-foot range around Nathaniel. He felt a tremor under his feet as the entire piece of the ground beneath him rose abruptly into the sky.

"Your theurgy is indeed powerful. So long as you are connected to the ground, you're practically invincible. But under the effect of the Blood Breaking Bite, you can't move freely. Once I cut off the connection between you and the ground, things will get even more interesting!"

With his hand raised high, Zen explained calmly.

Under the piece of ground Nathaniel was currently standing on, the Long Vine Sword created countless vines, lifting the whole piece of earth into the air. At the same time, some vines crossed the ground and firmly wrapped around Nathaniel's legs. With that, Nathaniel was sent flying into the sky.

And since he moved vertically, the wound on his neck from the Blood Breaking Bite began bleeding.

After finishing his words, Zen gently waved his right hand.

The Long Vine Sword carried Nathaniel up rapidly, making him hover in the sky above the valley.

Simultaneously, his blood spurted from the wound, falling like heavy rain.

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