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   Chapter 2325 Freeze The Scorpions

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Becoming a Holy Being's disciple in the divine land was an unparalleled honor.

It was a rare thing. Even the biological children of a Holy Being didn't necessarily have a chance.

And Nicholas was the kind to accept a disciple only once in a blue moon.

This meant that Nicholas truly thought highly of Zen, wanting to cherish his talent.

With a slight smile, Samuel replied, "It's of great fortune for him to be accepted as a disciple. He will be overjoyed once he hears the news when he leaves the Time Sea Forbidden Land."

Joy and the other Holy Beings only rolled their eyes at Samuel's words.

As a proving godly warrior, Zen could win over thirty times consecutively. What was more, he had already defeated Nelly who ranked first among the low-rank True Gods. It could be said that the anonymous man was already unbeatable among the low-rank True Gods. Who wouldn't want to take him in as a disciple, so talented a person as he was?

One could assume that if Zen were there to choose, any Holy Being would take him in gladly.

In order to please Nicholas, Samuel never cared about his self-esteem.

Joy cast a sidelong glance at Samuel before sighing inwardly. Though she had always admired him, the arrogant man was no bowing to another Holy Being.

Nicholas was indeed powerful. The union of the wealthy clans he dominated had an absolute advantage in the Hall of Holy Beings. But there were not only the union of the wealthy clans and the Dongfang Clan on the Time Sea. The Moon Clan and the Sword Clan were not afraid of him.

"But… I'm worried that Nathaniel will be too angry and he may kill the child by mistake," Nicholas said, looking to the distance. He was not pretending that he was worried, since he truly did want to take Zen in as a disciple.

Nicholas had an estimate of Zen's strength—at this stage, Zen could probably defeat an ordinary mid-rank True God. But Nathaniel was the top figure among the mid-rank True Gods—even if he was hurt by the Blood Breaking Bite of the Murdering Godly Way, if Nathaniel really took it seriously, it was possible that Zen would be no match for him.

"I'll send Soren a message and have him control the situation. I won't let them take the fight too far," Nicholas said quietly.

To the Holy Beings, battles between the True Gods were like mere children's fights.

In the valley, the Goddess Statue looked up to the sky while the atmosphere in the vall

deal with the final attacks of the beasts in the valley. Because the attacks of the beasts would only grow fiercer and more powerful, the True Gods would grow just more exhausted. Everyone would try freezing one or two vicious beasts for some valuable rest time.

But now, Soren used this method specifically for his brother's battle with Thad—it was too selfish of him.

After Zen summoned the four swords, he rushed to Nathaniel, as fast as the wind, without hesitation.

After being hit by the Blood Breaking Bite, Nathaniel made no movement and instead stood still, carrying the black axe on his shoulder like a mountain. Seeing Zen rush over, he called out, "Come on!"

With a sudden wave of his hands, the black axe turned into circles of black shadows swirling crazily in his hands.

While the axe was as heavy as a mountain, it was a feather in Nathaniel's hand.

As the heavy axe spun at high speed, it seemed to tear the surrounding space apart.

"Nathaniel is using the power of the earth."

"The Earth Godly Way has an extremely horrible power. After it is integrated with the earth, it can use the earth in resisting the opponent's attack."

"He is one of the elites."

When all the others saw that Nathaniel was using his full strength, they were all left shocked—it was no wonder that with the cultivation base of a mid-rank True God, Nathaniel could defeat seven top-rank True Gods in a row.

"Is he powerful?"

As Zen quickly approached, the sense of fighting in his eyes grew even stronger.

"Buddha Emperor Sword, kill him!"

Then, the sword rushed right at Nathaniel ruthlessly.

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