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   Chapter 2324 Accept Him As A Disciple

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Blood Breaking Bite!

As Nelly witnessed this, her eyes suddenly widened. She stared at Zen trying to catch her breath as she gradually calmed down.

Although she had highly suspected Zen's identity after hearing Rachelle's analysis, she now was sure of it after seeing Zen employ the Blood Breaking Bite.

"Oh, it's you..." Nelly murmured.

When she was defeated by the anonymous man in the Arena of Legends, she found herself extremely angry. It came to a point where she even locked herself in her room for an entire day. Her strong and proud personality did not allow her to be defeated, let alone to be defeated by a mere proving godly warrior.

At this point, she even didn't care if the anonymous man would join the Dongfang Clan or not.

Her ultimate goal was to find out his identity, and challenge him once again. This thought was something she couldn't let go. She was full of the desire to know and learn everything about the powerful warrior before her.

She was determined that her target was going to be no other than Zen.

Nelly thought that her sister, Rachelle, shared the same ideas, but she did not know that Rachelle had also confirmed the other identity of the anonymous man. All she wanted to do was to find out the anonymous man and kill him.

"What? Is that the Blood Breaking Bite of Murphy?!"

"How did he learn it?"

"What a pity... Nathaniel lost so much blood."

Many True Gods who were there immediately recognized the Blood Breaking Bite which was a kind of theurgy beyond way. Some also gave looks of confusion towards Nelly.

Even the Holy Beings outside of the forbidden land also had a strange expression on their faces. Zen's cultivation was so confusing to most because the Blood Breaking Bite was derived from the Murdering Godly Way and was also the secret theurgy beyond way in the Mu Clan. How did Zen use such?

Nicholas, on the other hand, remained indifferent and silent. It was not so easy for anyone to defeat the disciple of the Dongfang Clan. Besides, Nathaniel's cultivation base already exceeded Zen's by one crucial level.

Nathaniel stood still as his face flushed into a pale white; he could feel weakness in his body. He clapped his hands, and a small red pill appeared in his hand. With a flick of his finger, the pill shot into his throat and he swallowed without hesitation.

Once the pill dissolved, a strong power of blood and vital energy was released throughout him. Just then, his face began to regain color as if the pill had healed him.

The pill that he had swallowed was renowned as the "Green Blood Pill", a kind of six times refined pill. It could instantly replenish the lack

was a crafty and reckless fellow.

With a hint of rage in her eyes, Joy bit her lips and felt humiliated.

Although she knew from the very beginning that Samuel would definitely hand Zen over to others, she was still furious and thought that he would disgrace the Han Clan as he tried to please Nicholas in front of all the Holy Beings like that.

Fortunately, Zen had two identities. Exposing his first identity was not a big deal to him because after exploring the Time Sea Forbidden Land, Zen would go to the Everest Spirit Mountain. He knew that once he got through this, no one would be able to reach him.

If Zen's second identity was exposed, then he knew that he'd be put into a big mess.

Nicholas smiled and said, "You're right. I asked Pearl to invite his guy in person the other day, but he refused me. I have planned to send people to the Han Clan again after the Astronomical Transit Day, but I didn't expect to see him here. For some reason, Pearl said that he was very resistant to our Dongfang Clan."

"Young people are always a little rebellious and arrogant," Samuel responded with a laugh. "This kid is not clear about the strength of the Dongfang Clan. If he finally comes to terms with that, he will finally be willing to stay in the Dongfang Clan."

As these conversations went on, many Holy Beings despised him even more.

No matter how powerful Nicholas was, those clans and Holy Beings that were supported by him would keep their basic dignity. At this point, there was no need for a Holy Being to flatter another being in this way.

Nicholas, however, seemed to be quite satisfied with the attitude of Samuel. He smiled faintly and uttered, "That's right! If this young man comes to my clan, I will accept him as my personal disciple."

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