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   Chapter 2323 Earth Godly Way

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Hearing this voice, Nathaniel turned around to see Zen. "What did you just say?"

Nathaniel grinned ear to ear. He wouldn't take a low-rank True God like Zen seriously.

He had entered the Time Sea Forbidden Land countless times, and as he went on, he came across warriors from the rich and powerful clans on the Floating Islands, and he took their lives without hesitation.

He had even killed some of the Holy Emperors' disciples and descendants. The wealthy clans on the Floating Islands kept their mouths shut to keep themselves off his list of victims.

When Nathaniel picked up Zen's divine might coins, he took it for granted, because with his strength, he could have killed these Poisonous Wolf Scorpions as easily as Zen had, maybe even more efficiently.

He felt that Zen did not have the qualifications to kill the Poisonous Wolf Scorpions like this.

The low-rank True Gods huddled up under the Goddess Statue, carefully hunting the Poisonous Wolf Scorpions while the mid-rank True Gods stayed a little far away from the statue. Only the top-rank True Gods could enter the crowd of the Poisonous Wolf Scorpions and kill them without any scruple. Because of this, the top-rank True Gods obtained the most divine might coins among the crowds of people.

How did this guy manage to kill the scorpions like a top-rank True God?

Nathaniel could definitely gain a foothold among the top-rank True Gods, though he wasn't one. In the Arena of Legends, while going against top-rank True Gods, he had been able to win seven consecutive matches. This showed his strength and versatility which surprised most.

The top-rank True Gods were more or less displeased too when they saw what Zen was doing.

He took their divine might coins as he was very effective in killing the Poisonous Wolf Scorpions.

But they knew that Zen relied on his own ability and courage, so they didn't dare say anything against him.

However, what Nathaniel did was somewhat straightforward and surprising to everyone. He completely took away all of Zen's divine might coins, giving Zen a warning to not get them back. If Zen resisted, Nathaniel would have to teach him a lesson.

At first, Zen remained silent and just let Nathaniel take them. Nathaniel thought it would stay that way, but Zen couldn't hold his tongue long.

"You took all my divine might coins. Are you going to leave like this?" Zen asked again.

The corners of Nathaniel's mouth twisted into a small grin. "It's really a joke," he expressed. "As I've said, the Poisonous Wolf Scorpions you killed belonged to me. You should be relieved that I haven't planned to get you in trouble after you killed my scorpions. So now, do you still have the balls to ask me for coins?"

It was well known that the people of the Dongfang Clan were very domineering, and Nathaniel was no exception to this. Many elites of the influential clans on the Floating Islands, who were present, stayed silent as they listened intently to the two's conversation.

Naturally, Reginald was annoyed as he always was. He casually killed some Poisonous Wolf Scorpions and shouted, "Nathaniel, these beasts don't belong

prise, Zen approached him again and gave him a punch to the head.

Although Zen's punch was extremely powerful, Earth Godly Way's defense was astonishing as it was. Because of Nathaniel's power, the energy released from Zen's punch merely spread under the yellow light from Nathaniel's body and immediately passed to the ground under Nathaniel's feet.


The ground around Nathaniel began to crickle and crackle as it split apart.

People began to shriek as the ground of the whole valley was shaking.

The power of the punch spread out and was absorbed by the ground, which caused a minuscule earthquake that no one was expecting.

This ability was similar to the power transfer Zen possessed in the universe. As long as Nathaniel was in contact with the ground, he possessed an indestructible defensive power against Zen. He had to get him off the land immediately.

"You're all force and hits," said Nathaniel. "It's getting really boring." He laughed to himself.

Blood red flashes began to appear across Zen's eyes, showing that a fierce killing intent was emitting from his body!

"The Murdering Godly Way?"

Nelly, who stood far in the distance, stepped forward and gave Zen a firm look. Her eyes spoke wonders, giving off anger and caution with just her expression. If that bloke really used the Murdering Godly Way, he would definitely be the anonymous man.

But at this moment, Zen didn't have much to worry about.

"Blood Breaking Bite!"

Just then, a blood snake suddenly sprang out from Zen's hand and slithered towards Nathaniel. It ignored the Earth Godly Way's internal momentum on Nathaniel's body, biting a small wound in his neck.

Before Nathaniel could react, Zen threw out another punch across his face.


With a smacking sound, Nathaniel was tossed three thousand feet away.

Lucky for him, the Earth Godly Way made sure that this punch was still unable to hurt him.

However, scarlet blood began spewing out from his neck, pulling out a blood band three thousand feet long in the valley. It looked striking and frankly, terrifying.

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