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   Chapter 2322 Nathaniel Dongfang

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"We have already begun to be rewarded with the divine might coins after only having killed the second wave of beasts." Reginald sighed as he shook his head slightly.

"What's wrong with this forbidden land, anyway?" asked another top-rank True God.

It was common for warriors to obtain divine might coins after they killed the beasts in the valley. Certain warriors had even received the supreme treasure of belief.

The rewards were usually distributed when the seventh or eighth wave of beasts had been attacked though, and only a few divine might coins appeared. In all, the number was far less than that of the divine might coins they could obtain now.

Everyone understood the rules of the forbidden land from the past, which meant that the more the rewards were, the higher the difficulty was, and the greater the risk would be.

"Well, if we can collect good rewards here, then maybe we don't have to go to the second stage of the Time Sea Forbidden Land. We can just give it up later." Reginald shrugged his shoulders and a fierce fighting intent burst out from his body.

Reginald equally had a tattoo on his shoulder. It was a large and magnificent blue lion head.

As his fighting intent grew more and more intense, the lion head quietly revealed itself with a vivid, life-like look and emitted a blue light.

"Hooo..." A low hum was heard from the crowd.

Without a moment's hesitation, Reginald had rushed into the mass of Poisonous Wolf Scorpions.

The needles of the Poisonous Wolf Scorpions were indeed very powerful, but the True Gods were usually only attacked when they were caught off guard.

The True Gods present maintained an extremely high vigilance. With their high speed, it wasn't difficult for them to dodge the Poisonous Wolf Scorpions. As for the top-rank True Gods, on the other hand, such as Reginald, they looked like they were entering an empty, dark place. They rampaged wildly among the Poisonous Wolf Scorpions.

Despite the poisonous needles shooting toward Reginald, he didn't even bother dodging them. Before they got anywhere close to him, they were instantly shattered thanks to the fighting intent attached to his body's surface.

One Poisonous Wolf Scorpion's death meant one divine might coin. Faced with thousands of Poisonous Wolf Scorpions spewing at them endlessly, the True Gods all went crazy.

The True Gods ignored how powerful the Poisonous Wolf Scorpions were, and they hurried forward in order to attack them. Using their fiercest methods for killing the Poisonous Wolf Scorpions, the True Gods were quick to grab the divine might coins off the ground and put them in their space rings!

Every time they attacked and killed the Poisonous Wolf Scorpions, they obtained as many divine might coins as they would get in other small lands over the course of several years. No one was willing to pass on such an opportunity.

When it came to Zen's speed for killing the Poisonous Wolf Scorpions, he wasn't slow at all. He was the first one to take action and thus to obtain the decisive opportunity. He killed the Poisonous Wolf Scorpions and rushed off into the distance.

The Poisonous Wolf Scorpions wrapped themselves up around him like a torrent of blood, shooting poisonous needles directly at him.

Clearly though, he didn't care about the poisonous n

n seven consecutive battles and lost only one, he'd obtained 1.3 million points!

If it wasn't for the anonymous man's appearance, then he would have easily been considered the warrior of excellence throughout the competition this time around.

Nelly stood with her hands clasped behind her back, staring at Zen with her vigorous eyes. She wanted to see how Zen was going to deal with the situation.

On the one hand, Aleyna and Kelsey were worried and upset. They couldn't help Zen this time. Nathaniel Dongfang was from the Dongfang Clan which was very powerful, and the Han Clan didn't dare offend this clan's members. Besides, Nathaniel Dongfang's strength was unfathomable. No one was a match to him.

Laquisha frowned and stared at Zen. Although she pretended to feel indifferently about the situation, she paid close attention to him the entire time. She knew Zen's character well. If Nathaniel Dongfang forced him hard enough, Zen would surely make his move. But Zen was just a low-rank True God, so how could he be of any benefit to the mid-rank True God?

As Langston watched the scene, he felt overjoyed. He already had the intention to kill Zen, but he hadn't found the proper time to do so. Now though, this temporarily gathered group was under Reginald's lead. Zen had saved Reginald's life, and if Langston took action to kill Zen, Reginald would definitely prevent him.

It was at that moment that Nathaniel Dongfang appeared and bullied Zen. In this type of situation, it was possible that Zen would ultimately suffer greatly.

Zen continued to move toward the other group of Poisonous Wolf Scorpions, as though he hadn't seen what Nathaniel Dongfang was doing. After killing yet another group of Poisonous Wolf Scorpions, Nathaniel Dongfang took all the divine might coins away again.

Most of the Poisonous Wolf Scorpions throughout the entire valley had been killed, and only a small number of Poisonous Wolf Scorpions were slowly crawling toward the Goddess Statue.

A look of satisfaction suddenly appeared on Nathaniel Dongfang's face. As he turned around with the intention of returning to the Goddess Statue, someone spoke flatly behind him, "Are you going to leave, just like that?"

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