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   Chapter 2319 Goddess Statue

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The True Gods quickly distanced themselves from the large group of Time Ghosts.

They bypassed the Divine Time Temple and continued advancing for dozens of miles before they began to slow their pace.

Their vigilance was relentless, though. No one slacked in the least.

Except for Zen, Aleyna, and a few of True Gods, everyone else had entered the forbidden land a few times at least, and had a great deal of experience.

The level of difficulty affiliated to exploring a forbidden land wasn't constant, but instead, changed and varied constantly.

As soon as they entered this forbidden land, they encountered enormous trouble, which meant nothing else than the difficulty across all the forbidden land had been increased. The deeper they travelled into the forbidden land, the more dangerous it would become. It was even possible that they'd encounter an unsolvable crisis.

However, the more difficult things became, the more abundant chances would be born. The risk was always in direct proportion with the possible profit. This easily explained why nearly half the True Gods were all very willing to take such risks.

As Zen advanced, he continued combining the internal momentum within his inner world.

Inside the Secret Time Room, he tried at least a dozen times.

After mixing hundreds of kinds of internal momentum, he obtained a very powerful, never-before-seen energy.

In spite of being its creator, he couldn't seem to control it or use it smoothly.

Zen had relied on his omnipotent ability to firmly tie the internal momentum together in his inner world. And yet, he still barely had the capacity to control the internal momentum!

If he were to completely lose control over it, he knew the energy would run wild, like a horse without reins, in his inner world.

If his intention was to use such formidable power to resist the enemy, he risked being seriously injured by the latter before even having the chance to make a move.

He figured the problem had to be related to the mixed internal momentum.

The scene in the Secret Time Room only showed him that the figure had mixed several hundred kinds of internal momentum and placed them within the sword. He was unable to figure out the names of the several hundred kinds of internal momentum, though. And other than that, it was also extremely dangerous for him to randomly combine a few hundred kinds of internal momentum. At the moment, all he could do was to keep trying within his inner world, constantly adjusting the different types of internal momentum and hoping to obtain the best possible results.

"We are getting close to the Goddess Statue at the front. We can get to the second stage if we cross the Goddess Statue. Be careful. It will be much harder this time,

rary transmission array can be built in this type of situation?" Zen asked, bewildered.

"Yes. But the Star Door has a special characteristic that allows to transfer people to the nearest Star Door, and thus, the process requires two Star Doors. My brother will also use another Star Door later, so that a temporary transmission channel will be formed between the two," Aleyna explained.

After hearing Aleyna's explanation, Zen was still uncertain. He wondered why they needed the Star Doors when passing through the Goddess Statue. Despite his confusion, he didn't ask any more questions. He silently moved forward along with the group.

As he crossed a small mountain pass, he noticed a huge canyon and at its center, he discovered a statue that was more than a hundred feet high.

The moment Zen saw the statue clearly, he was shocked and his body began to tremble.

"Could this be the Goddess Statue?" he asked in a muffled voice.

"Yes, it is. What's wrong?" Aleyna asked. A strange look came over her face as she noticed Zen's expression.

Kelsey, who was silent, also looked at Zen's face.

The Goddess Statue was carved from a huge gem, and was completely transparent. The carved goddess was seated on a huge tree stump, looking up at the sky. Her expression, her clothes, and even her detailed strands of hair were incomparably exquisite.

Zen felt as though he had seen this face before. It looked almost the same as Yan's, but with a totally different temperament and aura.

After killing the mud creature beneath the Tie Clan's ground, Zen had obtained a peculiar bead from it. He had seen this face before, but at the time, he could only see a young girl's head soaked in a big pot. Now, what he saw was her whole body.

This Goddess Statue was the same one as he had seen back then. Now, Zen was sure of that!

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