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   Chapter 2318 Abduction

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Only the Golden Beast Statue that was thrown outside had the ability to lure away these Time Ghosts.

When Zen distracted the Time Ghosts using the Golden Beast Statue a while later, everyone had to follow him. He was the one who had the right to decide whether to go deeper into the Time Sea Forbidden Land or to leave that place entirely.

"I will continue to go deeper into the forbidden land," Zen said without hesitation.

Reginald, Jolyon and others gave a nod of approval. About half of the True Gods didn't want to explore the forbidden land while the other half wanted to continue the exploration with Zen.

"And who do you think you are? What makes you think that you can make decisions for us?" a top-rank True God sneered.

"He is just a low-rank True God," Langston muttered as he made his way towards the rest.

"We want to go back! Chart out a way for us so that we can return," a mid-rank True God stated boldly.

The Golden Beast Statue had no importance in the eyes of these True Gods. They thought that since they wanted to return, Zen was obliged to help them navigate their way back.

The Holy Beings outside the Time Sea wore different expressions on their faces.

According to the female leader of the Sun Blind race, there was a supreme treasure of belief in the Time Sea Forbidden Land. So these Holy Beings hoped that these True Gods would explore the forbidden land.

Some consummate True Gods had already entered the place, but since the True Gods present were in a larger number, the Holy Beings pinned their hopes on the True Gods as well.

Zen casually looked at the angry True Gods and softly said, "It seems as if we are no longer on the same page. Therefore, people who are willing to go further can step forward."

As soon as he finished speaking, Jolyon, Reginald, Pascal and many other True Gods stood behind him.

And the rest including Langston stayed where they were.

"I'll go with Thad as well." Without hesitation, Aleyna joined Zen's team as well.

"I'm following Thad." Kelsey walked up to Zen.

"I want to further explore the forbidden land," Laquisha said after pondering for a while.

"Laquisha, if you go further, you'll most likely die. Don't follow him," Langston pleaded.

"I'm not following him. I'm just making a decision of my own," Laquisha said indifferently.

Langston didn't know how to convince Laquisha to stay. He gave Zen a hard look and said, "Listen, if you want to die, then go ahead, but don't lead

rue Gods at the same level.

Reginald's words proved enough to stop those True Gods who intended to return to the entrance from holding Zen as a hostage.

As for Langston, his eyes were filled with fear.

Zen could sense that everyone was watching him as he made his way towards the door of the Divine Time Temple. In the distance, a pile of golden fragments with even thickness were lying there.

As Zen thought, the golden pieces merged slowly and finally turned into the Golden Beast Statue.

"Follow me. Just to be clear, it's not my fault, should anything happen to you if you are too slow to keep up," Zen said indifferently.

The Golden Beast Statue was a bit far from the ghosts, so it didn't quite attract the Time Ghosts after it got resurrected from the ground. Under Zen's control, it started running wildly, forming a golden light that flew past the gate of the Divine Time Temple.

The Time Ghosts reacted at once. As soon as they noticed the Golden Beast Statue, they flew towards the statue, just like moths flew towards flames.

Letting out shrill cries, the Time Ghosts turned around and went after the Golden Beast Statue.

Thus, the gate to the Divine Time Temple was no more blocked.

"Let's go!"

Zen was the first person to rush out of the Divine Time Temple, and the other True Gods followed suit.

Some of the True Gods still weren't convinced and wanted to leave the Time Sea Forbidden land. However, the way back was filled with the Time Ghosts trying to tear the statue apart. If they went that way, they'd be courting death. Thus, they had no choice but to follow Zen into the depths of the Time Sea Forbidden Land.

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