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   Chapter 2317 Fusing Internal Momentum

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Once the figure in the clouds slashed a hundred thousand times, everything in the Secret Time Room disappeared right before Zen's eyes. The Secret Time Room returned to darkness, as if nothing had ever happened.

Zen wasn't in much of a hurry to leave the Secret Time Room. He continued standing quietly and without moving in the darkness.

It was difficult for Zen to completely absorb the three thousand Godly Ways with the Infinity Ruler in such a short period of time. Even if the figure slashed one hundred thousand times, Zen still couldn't exactly comprehend the strikes, because he didn't understand the many of the different kinds of internal momentum contained in them.

That said, the Secret Time Room hadn't taught Zen any theurgies, instead, it only offered him a new way of thinking.

'The method is to fuse the Godly Ways!' Zen thought to himself.

Indeed, there really were people who could fuse two or even three kinds of Godly Ways together. However, this was only a technique put in place in order to make good use of each Godly Way's strength as well as to allow different Godly Ways to complement each other. Many Godly Ways clashed with each other though, and fusing hundreds of different kinds of Godly Ways was simply unheard of! The reason for the latter was because there was no second person throughout all in the divine land that possessed such an ability! It was safe to say that the Secret Time Room was truly amazing.

'Can I fuse them?' Zen wondered.

As of right now, Zen had a total of three hundred and seven types of Godly Ways in his body. He figured there was no harm in giving it a try.

As this thought came to mind, streams of chaotic energy were continuously being drawn out from the chaotic sea. They flowed along the faint light and began to gather on the scales of the Godly Tile. The internal momentum coming from all sorts of Godly Ways began to slowly seep and spread out.

Elementary Fire Godly Way...

Tortoise Godly Way...

Purple Aura Godly Way...

Snow Godly Way...

Murdering Godly Way...

Parting Water Godly Way.

Each scale only absorbed a small amount of the chaotic energy. Thus, in turn, the quantity of internal momentum produced wasn't very much, either.

The internal momentum coming from more than three hundred Godly Ways varied. As the different kinds of internal momentum slowly entangled with each other, the colors began to oscillate on a continual basis, almost like dancing light. In the end, it turned into black-brown, a color similar to that of chaos energy!

"What a surprise! It went well. I don't know if it'll really work or not..." Zen muttered to himself.

The process of fusing the internal momentum had gone very smoothly, which was beyond any of Zen's expectation. After fusing the internal momentum of all Godly Ways, Zen quietly extracted it.

As soon as he began extracting the fused internal momentum, Zen immediately noticed that some of the energy was surging out widely.

The energy was so violent that the moment it escaped his cinnabar field, it resembled a wild, running horse rampaging within his body.

Phew! Phew! Phew!

A serious of muffled sounds could be heard coming from Zen's body.

All of a sud

eren't for the fact that this wasn't the place for a fight, he would have killed Zen off in the blink of an eye.

The True Gods inside the Time Divine Temple left the Secret Time Rooms one after another, and gathered in front of the door once again.

The Time Ghosts were still blocking the door, and Reginald, Jolyon and a few other True Gods were discussing where to go next.

"If we find a way to lure these Time Ghosts away, then we'll have a chance at entering the second stage of the Time Sea," a True God proposed.

"This time though, the Time Sea is much more dangerous. The first stage is already so terrifying. Wouldn't it be courting death if we go to the second stage? I think it's probably better if we return the way we came, and leave the Time Sea Forbidden Land," another True God said.

Many True God cherished their lives preciously, and thus, they wouldn't take such a risk.

That said, a good portion of the True Gods were still very persistent. One of the True Gods said, "This forbidden land has become much more difficult than before. In the past, the forbidden land was very stable, but perhaps a few great opportunities have formed within it this time."

In their opinion, the female leader of the Sun Blind race was the controller of the Time Sea Forbidden Land. Seeing as she invited them to the Astronomical Transit Day celebration, it was impossible for her to casually adjust the difficulty in the forbidden land. Now that there were so many Time Ghosts in the forbidden land, there was a higher chance that great opportunities would present themselves.

The group of True Gods were discussing whether or not they were to explore further. For some time, they even quarreled over this.

"Stop quarreling. Whether we leave the Divine Time Temple or not depends on Thad, anyway," said Reginald, as he turned his head to look at Zen.

The Time Ghosts were still blocking the gate, and therefore, they could only rely on the Golden Beast Statue to lure them away. Otherwise, no one could ever leave the Divine Time Temple.

Upon hearing what Reginald had to say, everyone immediately fixed their gaze on Zen.

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