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   Chapter 2316 An Epiphany

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Zen continued to stare at the mass of chaotic energy that was spinning slowly for a long time.

As the energy continuously spun, the Secret Time Room's light, that was earlier flickering faintly, slowly became brighter. But apart from that, everything else around was still gray.

"Is this really the beginning of the divine land?"

Zen was also very curious about the origin of the divine land. He had limited understanding about its source.

To be honest, there were many True Gods, who did not even give a slight thought on the origin of the divine land. Maybe because they rarely paid attention to things outside of the divine land.

However, after Zen created a mini divine land that was extremely similar to the actual divine land, his mind was full of questions. He kept wondering whether the divine land had been created by some powerful master or even by an extraordinary creature, earlier mentioned by Holy Jay.

Under Zen's non-stop gaze, the chaotic energy became denser and was spinning even faster. At the same time, the chaotic energy was condensing towards the center to form a core.

Just then, an indistinct shape of axe appeared.

"Axe?" Zen's eyes narrowed.

It was said that the Creating Axe was used to hack through the divine land. But this so called myth had appeared at the opening of the divine land, and the Creating Axe had been disseminated into pieces a few days after the divine land had been cut open. That was why there were numerous doubts about the existence of the Creating Axe.


A hand appeared from the darkness.

The white hand looked delicate and smooth. And it was devoid of any sort of any wrinkles, right from the palm to the finger tips.

Suddenly, the hand grabbed the Creating Axe and started cutting towards the "core" rapidly.


With a loud bang, a blazing light shot out. The light was so bright that Zen was unable to open his eyes. His ears were buzzing, and his heart was thumping quickly.

In the Secret Time Room, what he saw was only the past, but it still shook him to see the sight. He could only imagine how terrifying it would have been, when the Creating Axe split the core.

When the light dimmed, Zen looked over again, only to find that the core was not cut in half. Instead, there was only a small crack on the surface of it. He couldn't believe that the axe hadn't even split the core into two parts!

The delicate hand once again heaved the Creating Axe and smashed the core with more intensity.



It was not until the Creatin

continued to strike, the divine land continued to expand endlessly. Zen watched the whole scene transform from beginning to end.


Soon after, the rain poured down from the Boundary Clouds. This time, the raindrops were not brown, but pure and crystal clear. There was no true chaotic energy in the divine land after all, and this was different from Zen's inner world.

The creatures in Zen's inner world were not afraid of the chaotic energy. In fact, the chaotic sea had never experienced such a process of transformation.

As the figure slowly dissipated, Zen closed his eyes, remembering every detail of the figure's swordsmanship.

The figure had slashed out one hundred thousand sword strikes.

But there were only thirteen sword moves in total.

'Every move of the thirteen is so effortlessly powerful. No one in the divine land would be able to display such amazing moves. The aura contained in the sword moves is very complicated, but I can somehow comprehend it. It is actually a mix of the hundreds of Godly Ways' internal momentum!

The so-called Godly Way Guide is the combination of three thousand Godly Ways.

It turns out that my father gave me the Infinity Ruler, only because it can help me absorb three thousand Godly Ways. It is the most convenient and simplest method. But even so, it's very difficult to collect all of the three thousand Godly Ways!' Zen thought.

After figuring out the use of the Infinity Ruler, Zen had more or less understood the working of it. However, he wasn't sure what would happen after the Infinity Ruler sucked in all of the Godly Ways. But after he saw the scene in the Secret Time Room, he understood the whole meaning of it.

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