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   Chapter 2315 Secret Time Room

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It was as if the cloudy sky had cleared when everyone became in the mood to study the Divine Time Temple after Reginald was safely brought inside it.

True to its name, the Divine Time Temple was an incredibly magnificent structure. A strange statue stood in the center of the broad hall. Its monstrous and thorny body looked like a huge bug, but it had a round mouth and rows of sharp teeth with spikes. It looked absolutely ferocious.

"What kind of monster is this?" Zen asked curiously. He couldn't think of a reason such a strange and ugly statue stood in the otherwise majestic Divine Time Temple.

Generally speaking, everything in the forbidden area was created by the Faith Energy, the Divine Time Temple included. Thus, the monster in front of them must be something that existed in legends.

On the other hand, disgust washed over Aleyna's face as she stared at the strange statue. She shook her head. Although she knew something about the Sun Blind race, this was the first time she had entered the Time Sea Forbidden Land. Naturally, she was quite unfamiliar with the forbidden area they were in.

A smile spread on Reginald's face when he heard Zen's query. "This is the Time Source Bug. It's said that the passage of time in our world is the way it is now because these bugs devoured the past," he said with a smile.

"If these bugs devoured the past, does it mean the past doesn't exist anymore?" Zen asked again. According to what Aleyna had explained, only the leader of the Sun Blind race was qualified to go back to the past in this world, which meant that the past did exist.

Furthermore, their leader could change the past to a certain extent. For instance, she could kill creatures in the past and it would affect the present.

Yet, what Zen had learned and Aleyna's explanation contradicted each other.

In fact, he was confused at the beginning when Aleyna told him about that ability of the leader of the Sun Blind race.

In theory, all clues about a Holy Being's past would disappear once the leader of the Sun Blind race returned to the past and killed him. Then, everything related to him would change. For example, his children would disappear, and his partner would not have met him, nor would he even establish the

me Room was he had returned to the ancient battlefield and met the first ancient warrior who cultivated the Fighting Godly Way, and saw the warrior launched the Invincible Fighting Intent with his own eyes.

After that, he left the Divine Time Temple and went back to the War God Hall. Seven days later, he had completely mastered the Invincible Fighting Intent, broken through the shackles of his cultivation, and become a top-rank True God.

Zen was even more surprised than he already had been when he heard that story. If it was true that the Secret Time Room would put one in a place where they needed to cultivate and gain more knowledge, then…

A deep sigh escaped his lips. Such a miraculous place was beyond his comprehension once again. He couldn't guess how the place managed to do that.

When he saw more and more True Gods enter those arched doors, he finally chose a door and walked in.

'Where would this Secret Time Room take me?' he wondered.

Once the others had entered their chosen doors, they seemed to quickly sink into a period of time. Zen, however, did not have any reaction whatsoever for quite a while. He was still in complete darkness.

After what seemed to be eons, he noticed that a wisp of dark brown aura slowly filled the dark space.

"The chaotic energy?" he guessed.

He was still in a confused daze and his face turned into a strange color.

What was the meaning of that slowly rotating chaotic energy?

Was it a piece of history of the divine land?

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