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   Chapter 2305 The Island Of The Sun Blind Race

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The dragon-bone ship slowly went ashore under everyone's gaze.

When Zen jumped off the ship and landed on the shore, his eyes fell on the people from the Han Clan.

Aleyna gave Zen a playful smile, to which Zen responded with a nod before shifting his gaze to her sister, Laquisha.

When Laquisha's striking eyes met Zen's, she raised her eyebrows slightly, revealing a trace of anger, before turning away.

It seemed that she was still angry at him. Zen smiled bitterly and then found a place to wait.

When Aleyna noticed the expression on her sister's face, she became lost in thought, wondering if something had happened between her and Zen.

Most of the True Gods' eyes were still focused on Zen, and they murmured among themselves about where he'd come from.

"This guy doesn't seem to be from the Han Clan."

"Yes, I think so too..."

It was apparent from the way Zen didn't greet Alfredo, Pascal, or any of the others that he was not familiar with the Han Clan at all.

However, someone present did recognize Zen.

"It's him again! He has actually become a low-rank True God in such a short time!" A gloomy voice came out of nowhere. The one who had spoken was Langston from the Leng Clan.

"Langston, do you know this guy?" Nelly asked, confused.

"Humph, he is the one who killed Sheridan. His name is Thad Luo. He's also the one who caused the wound on my forehead! I didn't expect that he would break through in his cultivation and condense a Godly Tile in such a short time after entering the Floating Island," Langston said coldly with a murderous hint in his eyes.

He still felt a lingering fear when he thought of how he had gotten his wound. If he hadn't responded so quickly that day, he would have been killed by that guy.

And if it weren't the Astronomical Transit Day of the Sun Blind race today, he probably would have attacked him.

"You were struck by a proving godly warrior. You were too careless," said Nelly indifferently.

Hearing what Nelly said, Langston felt annoyed. His cultivation was a level higher than Nelly's; how could he tolerate her undermining him like this in front of everyone? He immediately retorted, "Even you may not be a match for him. Sheridan wasn't much weaker than you but he was still killed by that guy!"

Rachelle, who had been silently listening to the conversation between her sister and Langston, suddenly had a thought flash through her mind.

'His surname is Luo? A new talent of the Han Clan?'

With her eyes on Zen in the dista


Zen was only this confident because he had never considered the possibility that someone would talk to Murphy. But since Rachelle had had a conversation with Murphy, she had become a lot more vigilant. So as soon as Zen had just showed up, he immediately caught Rachelle's attention.

As everyone waited, Sun Blind members constantly arrived with guests on the ships.

After a long time, about seven members of the Sun Blind race came over and saluted the crowd. The Sun Blind member in the front said politely, "Today is the Astronomical Transit Day. We are very honored to invite all of the True Gods here. Please follow me..."

With the Sun Blind members leading the way, all the True Gods left the port and headed into the island.

On the surface, the island of the Sun Blind race looked like an extremely ordinary island. Judging by the surroundings, the living environment was almost the same as the living environment of ordinary divine citizens.

But after entering the island, the True Gods could feel strong Time Law spreading out almost everywhere, ranging from small plants to rocks around the island.

The Time Sea could tear apart anything, but this small island was somehow able to resist its devastating power. It was an extremely peculiar feat. This gathering place of the Sun Blind race was probably the only island that existed in the Time Sea.

Soon, everyone arrived at a flat and wide open space.

The open space was surrounded by Sun Blind members of all ages. All of them prostrated on the ground devoutly, and no one looked up at them. What they were worshiping were the nine well-shaped stone pagodas in the center of the open space.

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