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   Chapter 2304 Illusion Smoke

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Never did Zen think he would be treated as such by the Sun Blind race.

The huge dragon bone ship seemed to be speeding up. Gradually, the Floating Islands on the Time Sea turned into small black dots until they fully disappeared from Zen's view.

The old man of the Sun Blind race remained silent as he returned to the cabin to pull out a delicate cigarette pipe. He then took out a small packet from his waist pocket and poured out powder from it. Zen did not know what sort of powder it was but it looked as colorful as the Time Sea.

After the Sun Blind old man ignited the powder, he took a deep breath, emitting colorful smoke.

Zen's eyes flashed with surprise upon witnessing the smoke. A faint layer of the Time Law appeared within the cloud.

"The cigarette is made from the Illusory Grass in the Time Sea. It produces the Illusion Smoke when used, and within it, you will see an illusion of the past. Do you want to take a puff?" He said before offering the cigarette pipe to Zen.

Though Zen didn't smoke, he was very interested in the Time Law.

Even after entering the Floating Island, Zen had almost no chance to cultivate the Time Law. But the smoke breathed out by the Sun Blind old man could spread the Time Law, naturally piquing Zen's curiosity.

Taking the pipe from the old man, he fiddled with it before taking a puff.

The moment he breathed in the Illusion Smoke, Zen immediately felt something tearing into his throat. After all the small pieces of the Time Law dissipated, they caused some small wounds inside his body.

Simultaneously, the smoke flowed through these wounds until he fully absorbed it.

Dizziness overcame Zen and the colorful smoke he coughed out spiraled around in front of him. Then, some scenes began appearing faintly.

Through the smoke, Zen saw a huge turtle floating on the surface of the Time Sea. It was tens of millions of miles long and on its back was no city, but an entire continent.

Zen squinted, trying to see more clearly, but the smoke quickly floated away until the illusion quickly disappeared from his eyes.

The Sun Blind old man smiled and asked, "What did you see?"

"A turtle," Zen answered.

"Well, lucky you! You can see the Cliff Spirit on the first puff of the cigarette," laughed the old man.

"Cliff Spirit?" Zen asked curiously.

"It is one of the biggest true spirits in the ancient legend, the mount of the Lord of Weapons."

"Lord of Weapons, Chiyou?

mi-holy Beings, the most powerful and talented people of every wealthy clan had gathered there as well.

Such a group of people could be said to represent the divine land's future. Who else in the divine land could possibly be more distinguished and honored than them?

But as the dragon bone ship approached them slowly, many of the True Gods widened their eyes.

A low-rank True God was standing on the deck of the huge dragon bone ship.

"Who is this guy?"

"Why was a low-rank True God treated so politely by the Sun Blind race?"


As they waited, the True Gods grew chattery. Many of them lowered their heads and began whispering among themselves.

The consummate True Gods quietly looked at Zen, seemingly lost in thought.

"It's him?" In the back of the crowd, Alfredo thought the whole situation odd. 'This is the disciple enrolled by Joy into the Purple Soul Hall. How could he be invited by the Sun Blind race to attend the Astronomical Transit Day?' More importantly, why was he getting such good treatment from the Sun Blind race?

"Ah! It's Thad!" Kelsey jumped up and smiled at the sight of Zen.

"Kelsey!" But Alfredo stopped her with a frown.

"Laquisha, it is him, indeed," Aleyna murmured.

Even from a long distance, Laquisha's gaze fell right on Zen's body. Her expression seemed rather complicated. Though she had guessed that Zen might have been invited by the Sun Blind race, she never thought that they would pay so much attention to him.

Thanks to Kelsey's reaction, the True Gods there quickly understood what was going on.

'Is that guy on the dragon bone ship from the Han Clan?'

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