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   Chapter 2303 Dragon-bone Ship

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All the blood was drained from Ackley's face as he panted desperately and uncontrollably.

Since he was a member of the Tang Clan, an ordinary mid-rank True God wouldn't dare offend him, let alone a low-rank True God.

He never expected that Zen, who certainly wasn't an elite disciple from any large clan, dared to fight back and even wanted to kill him!

Now however, his life was on the line. Thus, he refrained from saying anything that might irritate Zen. Puffs of hot air escaped his lips as all he begged for at that moment was mercy.

On the other hand, Zen really didn't want to provoke those disciples from the large clans.

There were indeed many outstanding and highly talented people on the Floating Islands, but there were always some rotten fruits at the bottom of the fresh pile.

He tried his best to avoid such kind of people, but Ackley had gone too far this time.

Then again, his righteousness prevailed as he still had some scruples and did not have any intention of killing Ackley. After all, his identity was a sensitive issue and this place was not safe for him in any way.


A small breeze blew as Zen lifted Ackley with force and smashed him against the disk.

He didn't know what the disk was made of, but its surface was abnormally hard. Even though Ackley was a mid-rank True God, he still felt uncomfortable when he collided against its surface.

Moments ago, Ackley was on his knees begging for mercy. After he landed on the ground, however, his attitude suddenly changed. He thought that it was just because Zen's attack had caught him off guard but if it wasn't for that, Zen would've never stood a chance against him!

He stood up and released the power within his body with newfound hope. Yet before he could even steady himself, he saw a figure flash in front of him. It turned out to be Zen, who raised his leg and kicked downwards.


The great force hit him square on the head. His legs gave away as he couldn't bear the immense pressure, and ended up kneeling in front of Zen.

"If you dare make another move, I will kill you straight. Don't think that I wouldn't dare to do so," Zen coldly said and stared down at him.

Although Zen couldn't use the Faith Energy in his inner world and couldn't release his 'momentum, ' his strength had increased significantly after he had condensed the Godly Tile. In addition, the improvement of his cultivation level had also caused his body and soul to completely change.

His cold aura hung above Ackley's neck like an invisible guillotine, ready to chop down anytime if Ackley moved even a bit. In the end, Ackley couldn't do anything but kneel still like an obedient dog.

Everyone on the huge disk fell silent. All of them quietly observed Zen and gu

hell is he?"

"How could he get such a treatment from them?"

"Only the Holy Emperors are qualified to board the dragon-bone ships, right?"

Perhaps the Holy Emperors could enjoy this treatment, but they were different from the consummate True Gods. The consummate True Gods were forbidden to use the spatial transference skill on the Time Sea, but the Holy Emperors and the Demi-holy Beings were allowed to do so and they did not need to be taken by the Sun Blind race with ships.

Therefore, Zen was probably the first one to be picked up by a dragon-bone ship on the Astronomical Transit Day.

"Go back to the island!" The old man shouted.

A large ship like the dragon-bone ship needed over ten people of the Sun Blind race to steer it, which naturally made it faster than ordinary small boats.

It had only been a while since Ackley had left, so the ship Zen had taken soon caught up with the small boat.

The wind gently blew through Zen's hair as he stood on the deck. He looked down and saw Ackley on the small boat.

Ackley looked up as well and saw Zen. His lips subconsciously twitched a few times. He too, stared at Zen dumbfoundedly like those True Gods on the disk. He immediately felt rather insignificant in the presence of the large ship.


The ship moved with a sudden burst of speed, which caused large waves that rocked the small boat.

Ackley turned to the young man who steered their boat and couldn't help but ask, "Why could that guy ride a big ship? What the hell are you thinking about? Who the hell is he?"

Yet, the young man only shook his head and shrugged his shoulders.

For the majority of the time, the members of the Sun Blind race did not say a word, but they were able to communicate with each other even in silence. Besides, the young man couldn't possibly answer such questions.

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