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   Chapter 2302 The Invitation

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Thousands of transparent discs rose slowly from below the Floating Islands and stopped at the entrances of the Floating Islands.

The True Gods from different Floating Islands stepped onto the discs and slowly descended to the bottom of the Floating Islands. These True Gods had different cultivation bases, and even some were low-rank True Gods. No matter what cultivation bases they had, they were the elites of the wealthy clans on the Floating Islands.

Before long, dozens of transparent round discs also descended from the Floating Island of the Han Clan.

Laquisha stood alone on a disc, expressionless.

Aleyna and Kelsey stood together on another disc.

The two girls were whispering to each other and side-eyeing Laquisha from time to time. Worry was written all over Aleyna's pretty face. Laquisha had been practicing hard in her room during this period, and now looked totally different.

It was easy for a smart girl like Aleyna to get to the root of the problem. She was sure that Zen was responsible for the change in Laquisha, but she couldn't figure out what had happened between her sister and Zen.

"I think Laquisha is in a bad mood because of Thad Luo," Kelsey murmured.

"I think so too..." Kelsey didn't know Thad's true identity. However, Aleyna did, and she had a bad feeling that her sister would be in greater trouble if she continued to be involved with Zen.

Most younger sisters worshiped their elder sisters during their childhood and this adoration usually continued well into adulthood, and Aleyna was no exception.

In fact, she mostly liked Zen only because of Laquisha. To her, it seemed like her sister only liked the best things or people. In fact, deep down, she was even a little jealous of her sibling.

But if Zen hurt her sister, she would not stand it and would do everything in her power to destroy him.

"I'll talk to Thad after Astronomical Transit Day," Aleyna whispered.

Meanwhile Pascal also stepped on a transparent disc and glided down from the other side. He had been busy and never paid much attention to Laquisha in the beginning. Now seeing that she was all alone and looked sad, he asked, "Laquisha, why are you unhappy?"

Hearing the voice, Laquisha suddenly raised her head and forcing a smile, she replied, "Brother, don't worry. I'm not upset."

"Okay then, that's good!" He smiled softly and added, "It's Astronomical Transit Day today. Remember, you must perform well!"

"I know," she nodded.

After a short while, the motley group of warriors had all arrived on the giant disc at the bottom. Beneath their feet the Time Sea raged and rumbled.

The disc was already swarming with elites of various powerful clans on the Floating Islands, and they were waiting for the invitation to the Sun Blin

pitiful expression. They thought that Zen would be in trouble shortly and it would be better for him to just cooperate. At the very least, Ackley Tang might let him go.

Seeing that Zen's eyes were still closed, Ackley Tang stretched out his hand to slap Zen's face like a streak of lightning. He cursed, "I'm fucking asking you..."

Just when he started to move, Zen suddenly opened his eyes and slightly leaned his head back.

The tips of Ackley Tang's fingers swept past the tip of Zen's nose, missing his face by an inch.

He was a little stunned to see that Zen had dodged his slap so easily.

The next thing he saw was Zen's figure flashing past and his collar being grabbed by the young man. An irresistible force pushed his entire body back uncontrollably!

Ackley Tang was standing on the edge of the huge disc, and behind him was the Time Sea whose waves were rolling savagely. If he fell off the disc, he would certainly die. Even a consummate True God would be torn to pieces by the menacing sea water, and he was just a mid-rank True God!

He looked terror-stricken, but suddenly his body stopped in mid-air, and at the same time, a faint voice said, "You are a dignified True God, but your temperament is like an inferior mortal hooligan. Whichever clan has a scumbag like you is really unfortunate!"

"You, you, I, ah..."

The huge disc floated very close to the surface of the Time Sea now. The colorful waves rolled and crashed, and from time to time, some waves stretched towards Ackley Tang's head, threatening to swallow him any minute. How could he dare to oppose Zen now? He cried out in panic and his overbearing attitude disappeared completely!

When the other True Gods saw this, they took a deep breath. They never thought that the ordinary-looking low-rank True God would be so ruthless when pushed to make a move.

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