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   Chapter 2301 The Astronomical Transit Day

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The divine land had existed for countless years, so it went without saying that the talents there had diligently studied the effects of the divine might coins as much as they could.

But in the end, all they were capable of using the coins for was to change the rules on the Ruling Slate. This meant that the True Gods could not wield the true power of the coins.

Zen, who was no stranger to experimentation, used his strong power to crush the coins, but all he ended up with was a handful of black powder. He was unable to release the Faith Energy in the coins.

He even tried sprinkling the black powder onto his Godly Tile as well as into the chaotic sea, but the powder didn't react with anything.

During his time in the inner world, he exhausted all sorts of strange and bizarre methods to try to release the true power of the coins. The Evil God gave him advice and suggestions as well. But in the end, he had no choice but to temporarily give up on this endeavor.

There were certain facts that he might have ignored. It was possible that the Faith Energy constructed by the chaotic energy in the divine land could not be directly used.

Whatever it was, Zen didn't feel upset or disappointed. After all, now that his Godly Tile was condensed, he had become a True God. This improvement in his cultivation had also caused a great increase in his strength.

Zen ordered the Evil God to stop the secret sect for the time being after his avatar left.

At this stage, he was unable to use the Faith Energy, so it was useless to collect it in the statues. Moreover, the extra Faith Energy would automatically form divine might coins.

After he gave the order, his consciousness returned to the practice room.

Although he had spent a lot of time in his inner world, only a few hours had passed in the divine land.

When he opened the door to go outside, he saw that it was already past dawn.

He hadn't seen Joy in recent days.

After all, the Dongfang Clan had started to look for him, the anonymous man. His performance in the Arena of Legends had almost made them sure that he was a member of the Purple Soul Hall, so Joy was doing her best to avert suspicion.

"It's time to leave the Floating Island," Zen said, staring at the tumbling clouds in the sky.

The rankings of the Floating Islands had been reorganized yesterday, so the channels to the forbidden lands would be open today.

Zen left the Purple Soul Hall and went to the Holy Emperor City again.

Traveling by flight and spatial transference was prohibited in the Time Sea. This was a rule stipulated on the Ruling Slate.

However, in order to monopolize the forbidden lands, the Hall of Holy Being

te a few important people from the powerful clans. Zen was also invited.

Suddenly, the words that an old man from the Sun Blind race had told him flashed in his mind. The old man had said that Zen's aura resembled the terrifying aura of the Emperor Resentment, a monster that resided in the Time Sea.

"Alas! Today is the Astronomical Transit Day. The only people who are invited are the principal figures of each clan. Of course, none of us stands a chance!"

"We can leave now and come back another day!"

"It's said that attending the Astronomical Transit Day will bring unimaginable benefits, and that the participants can even explore the secrets of time."

In the eyes of the world, the Sun Blind race had always been covered by a mysterious veil. These True Gods would never be able to participate in the Astronomical Transit Day, so naturally, there were all sorts of guesses thrown out among them.

None of them knew exactly what the Astronomical Transit Day was.

After a few minutes of complaining and speculating about the festival, the True Gods gradually began to leave.

"Should I take part in the Astronomical Transit Day?" Zen wondered hesitantly.

The biggest problem for him now was not the Mu Clan. Although they were interested in finding the anonymous man, they would not be able to connect Zen to the anonymous man. Besides, Murphy, the only person who had seen his true identity, was still being punished by the Ruling Slate.

As for the Dongfang Clan, they didn't have any malicious intention by looking for him. They just wanted to recruit him as a member of their Floating Island.

If he faced the worst situation, he could activate the token of mountain and return to the fairy palace in the Swirl Forest.

With this thought, Zen made a decision.

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