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   Chapter 2300 The Origin Of The Forbidden Land

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The scene in front of him had even cleared the many doubts in Zen's mind.

Master Evil informed Zen that all the divine might coins were found in the forbidden lands. However, Zen was unsure how they were produced in the first place.

The life vitality crystal and life vitality jade were condensed by the vitality between heaven and earth. After they gathered for countless years, they formed mines. Even if a mineral vein was dug out, other mineral veins kept growing and replenishing the source. So the life vitality crystal and life vitality jade were almost inexhaustible resources.

The divine land had been in existence for countless divine eras.

During this long period of time, countless True Gods had set foot into the forbidden lands.

Divine might coins were present in various forbidden lands. Even if there were huge quantities of divine might coins, all of them would be dug out and taken away one day. If this happened, how would the warriors who arrived later find and get their hands on any of these coins?

According to Master Evil's explanation, a True God who stepped into a forbidden land would always find the divine might coins, which meant that the coins would constantly keep appearing...

Finally, it all made sense to Zen. He figured out that the divine might coins were formed by the Faith Energy of the True Gods!

"What is this place?" The Evil God inquired curiously.

Zen glanced around until finally his eyes fixed on the giant with one thousand eyes. He then smiled broadly and said, "This is the world you have imagined!"

"The world we have imagined?" repeated the Evil God. Surprise was written all over his face.

Zen nodded, and suddenly an idea occurred to him. The history of the Monster Slaughtering Continent in the past few years played like a movie in his mind. With the help of his omniscient ability, he quickly found the clues he needed, and then remarked casually, "The Monster Slaughtering Continent belonged to the Howe Clan many years ago."

"I've heard of the Howe Clan. It's an ancient race," added Evil God nodding in agreement.

The conflict between the Howe Clan and the Totem Clan had begun long before the birth of the Evil God, but the history of the two ancient races had passed down from generation to generation, so mostly everyone was aware of the enmity between these two races.

"It's recorded in history that the queen of the Howe Clan was exquisitely beautiful, so she seduced a God to help her. Are you the God who aided her?" The Evil God questioned and then asked with a lecherous smile, "Is the queen of the Howe Clan as beautiful as she's made out to be in the stories?"

According to the legend, the queen of the Howe Clan was regarded as the most beautiful woman in history. Her beaut

e place is saturated with the Faith Energy, it will transform into the divine might coins..."

This was Zen's guess too. According to the clues he had gathered, his guess would not be too far from the truth. The only thing he couldn't figure out was why the divine might coins formed from the Faith Energy were black.

Zen collected all the divine might coins in the forbidden land and took them with him when he left with the Evil God.

Then Zen and the Evil God found another forbidden land on the ice land, which was covered by the ray of light-purple light. The ray of light covered a triangular area, which was the same as what happened on the Monster Slaughtering Continent. Zen was unable to unearth any information about this forbidden land.

The two encountered a kind of human-shaped snow monster with long hair upon entering this forbidden land. These snow monsters were very powerful in the Evil God's eyes. However, no matter how mighty these fierce creatures were, they wouldn't be able to harm Zen.

Zen found over a hundred divine might coins in this forbidden land, and at the same time he also discovered the legend of the "polar snowman", which proved his guess correct once more.

The forbidden lands in Zen's inner world had just been established right now, and there weren't many divine might coins in them yet.

But the time in his inner world ran faster than that of the divine land. As the forbidden lands became larger and larger in the future, the number of divine might coins would also increase.

The divine might coins could be used to change the laws of the Ruling Slate, but that was not something he could dwell on at this point. The bigger issue for him was to figure out a way to use the Faith Energy in the divine might coin. How would he crack this one?

This was the topmost priority for Zen right now.

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