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   Chapter 2299 A Place Out Of His Control

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Another example would be Latonia's Faith Energy, which contained the vitality of life. It was collected by the Queen of Life in the Demon Night. The Queen's statue was green, as was the Faith Energy itself, which contained endless life energy.

If the Evil God established an evil sect, it was possible to possess this black Faith Energy.

Upon hearing Zen's question, the Evil God immediately understood what he meant. He shook his head and said, "It's absolutely impossible. The secret sect is established according to the traditional way, and there can't be any mistakes. Moreover, as you have seen, those believers are not evil people, nor are they able to bring this black Faith Energy. Besides, the statues all over the world are like this."

Zen nodded and looked at his statue. "Well, I didn't feel any evil in this energy, but I don't understand why it is happening like this."

The problem was that the Faith Energy had poured into stones from which it could no longer be separated, so how could it possibly be used?

According to accounts of the process of forging the Faith Energy for an ordinary True God, the Faith Energy would automatically flow into the Godly Tile before accumulating, and the Godly Tile was equivalent to the Pool of Faith.

But how could these black stones store it?

'It must be caused by the cultivation of the Primal Chaos Technique, ' Zen thought to himself, his brows furrowing.

Zen could have obtained a lot from the practice of the Primal Chaos Technique. However, he had encountered a lot more trouble with it than he had expected. In spite of that, he had succeeded in gathering the Godly Tile in the end. Now, he encountered a new problem.

While Zen was thinking, the Evil God seemed to remember something, and said with a pensive expression, "Creator, there are some strange things in the world, and there are also some things... It looks like these black stones..." He trailed off, not quite knowing how to put his thoughts into words. He looked up at Zen, hoping that he would somehow understand what he was thinking.

"Tell me," said Zen.

"Creator, please follow me," the Evil God said, and as he spoke, he had passed through space itself, teleporting himself to another continent.

Zen immediately followed suit, his figure disappearing into space, following the Evil God to his destination.

The land in his inner world split into seven pieces. Tens of thousands of years ago, the continent before his eyes was called the Monster Slaughtering Continent. This continent had been connected to the World Tree since those ancient times, and the local warriors thought of the green creatures on the World Tree as monsters and had spent many years fighting against them, giving the continent its name.

"Creator, that is the place I spoke about," the Evil God said, pointing ahead.

He was pointing towards a hilly area of the Monster Slaughtering C

them with its mountain-sized fist, about to punch them.

As the fist moved towards them, almost in slow motion, so enormous it blotted out the sky, Zen calmly pointed at it with his finger, just as he had done before. The fist suddenly stopped in midair, unable to go any further. Then, with a gentle flick, a much fiercer force overpowered the huge monster.


The thousand-eyed giant collapsed, and the force of its fall started a tremendous earthquake. As the land continued to shake, the giants in the depths of the forest began to scream, one after another.

The giant wanted to get up again, but Zen had already jumped onto it and stood on its mountain-like head. As Zen stomped on it, the giant's head became pressed further and further into the ground. Unable to pull its head out, it could only wave its giant arms in vain. Although the giant had a thousand eyes, it seemed unable to see anything.

"This creature shouldn't have been born in my inner world, and such a powerful creature couldn't have been formed overnight," Zen said to the Evil God. The human race and the other intelligent creatures in his inner world had all undergone a great amount of tribulations, and they had thus gradually evolved into what they were today.

"I think so too," said the Evil God, passing the giant's body and then entering the forest as if looking for something in its depths. Soon, he came back with a number of black objects in his hands. The Evil God stretched out his arms, presenting them to Zen, and said, "Creator, look: I think these black objects, too, contain the Faith Energy."

The black objects in his hands were thin. As Zen observed them, his eyes suddenly showed disbelief. "They...they're divine might coins!"

This time, it was the Evil God's turn to be confused. "Divine might coins? What are they?"

Zen heaved a sigh of relief. He had figured it out. "I think I know what this place is," he uttered.

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