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   Chapter 2298 The Black Faith Energy

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The meaningful words spoken by Samuel left Joy, Alfredo and the other Han Clan members feeling stunned.

It was Samuel, the Holy Emperor of the Han Clan, who made the ultimate decision to curry favor with the Dongfang Clan in recent years. Therefore, the people of the Han Clan had nothing to say about it. In fact, even Joy hadn't dared speak her mind, even though she disliked such a decision. After all, the Han Clan, its Floating Island and the clan's property were all created by Samuel.

Now though, based on what Samuel had said, he seemed to have other plans.

"I don't know what Holy Emperor is up to," Alfredo admitted. As the master of the Han Clan, he seemed to sense a hint of danger. He had to control his emotion for the greater good of all.

From Alfredo's and other Han Clan members' perspectives, joining the rich and powerful clans' union wasn't a big deal, and they'd even gain great benefits from doing so. After all, the Dongfang Clan did nearly control almost the entire Hall of Holy Beings. As long as the Sword Clan's and the Moon Clan's Holy Brings didn't say a word, Nicholas Dongfang was the only individual allowed to make a decision in the Hall of Holy Beings.

If anyone wanted to have a stable position in the Time Sea, it was almost inevitable that they'd attach themselves to the Dongfang Clan. The Xie Clan and the Liu Clan demonstrated this perfectly. Both had been the last to rank and became more and more powerful with the help of the Dongfang Clan.

"It is absolutely impossible for Samuel to demean himself in front of others. Although I don't know what exactly he's doing, I'm afraid that if anyone wants to take advantage of Nicholas, they will drag the entire clan into deep trouble," said Joy hysterically. Then she turned around and left.

Ever since the Hall of Holy Beings' establishment, the divine land was peaceful for thousands of divine eras.

Prior to such, Joy had vaguely understood that Mike and Bromley's layout might affect the entire divine land, but she still hadn't thought carefully about her own, nor the Han Clan's future. She hadn't made a clear plan for dealing with everything that was bound to happen, probably sooner rather than later.

In this moment though, it seemed as though Samuel had a greater foresight than her, and he had already made his choice.

Before Zen came to the Floating Island, she had been considering building another island and even thinking about her next opportunity for becoming a true Holy Being.

'What should I do?'

As she pondered this thought for a few seconds, Zen's figure flashed in her mind.

'Should my choice be simpler?' she thought to herself.


Faith Energy, because they could use the momentum within the entire universe at will. During the war in the Evolutionary Universe, everything from the biggest beast all the way to the smallest blade of grass, emitted momentum. A Holy Being didn't need to deliberately absorb Faith Energy. Even if someone set up a secret sect in the universe, or if the Demon Night race were to take the Faith Energy, the Holy Beings wouldn't meddle in such situations.

Zen waved his hand and a brand-new statue appeared before them on the ground, landing with a slight tremble, which made everyone present cheer and applaud happily. Upon doing so, Zen simply turned around and left.

The top of the mountain peak was white with snow.

The black statue stood out against the white background.

Zen reached out to grab the statue's hand, and with a gentle twist, the statue's stone hand immediately shattered. At the same time, a faint power was emitted from the stone. Zen looked down at the piece of stone he now held and said, "It's also black inside..."

The Evil God picked up a piece of stone this time and thought, 'The aura from this stone is similar to that of the Faith Energy, but why is it black?'

"The black Faith Energy... What kind of secret sect have you actually built?" Zen asked, in complete disbelief.

Because the followers had different beliefs, the colors and auras of the Faith Energy they produced would also be different.

Lavender was the Demon Night race's Queen of Killings. When countless Demon Night members worshiped her, there would be an unanimous killing thought. In other words, Lavender's statue was blood-red, and the Faith Energy gathered in the Pool of Faith was like a lake of blood, and the Faith Energy equally contained violent, killing wills.

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