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   Chapter 2297 Samuel's Change

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The Spiritual Heart Hall was immersed in a peaceful atmosphere.

The maids cheerfully splashed the Holy Dew, covering the hall with sparkling crystals.

Alfredo and the senior leaders of the Han Clan were all present in the hall. Their sole aim was to maintain the ranking of the Han Clan's Floating Island. If the total number of points did not meet the requirement at the final stage, then they would dismiss the Purple Soul Hall thus, liberating themselves from all the trouble caused by the women of the Purple Soul Hall, as agreed before.

But in the final two days, Laquisha defeated the anonymous man. She elevated the ranking of the Han Clan without any help. She accumulated around two million points, so the ranking of the Han Clan didn't fall. They climbed up a few places instead. The members of the Han Clan were witnessing a miracle.

Joy wore a purple dress. She looked quite elegant and beautiful in that dress. She leaned on the bench glancing around, lost in her thoughts.

"To be fair, Joy, our clan's Demi-holy Being made the greatest contribution to the Han Clan. She sent such a talented disciple to help us at our time of need. I didn't expect her to be capable of such a thing." Alfredo chuckled.

The clan members looked at Joy with great admiration.

Joy raised her head, a confused expression on her face, and asked, "What do you mean? I think our princess contributed the most. She helped us when we needed her the most."

"If the anonymous man isn't your disciple, how was he defeated by the princess so easily? Moreover, the Gods Killing Sword Array that was used by the anonymous man is your unique theurgy, isn't it? Today is a big day for us. Why don't you bring such a talented disciple here?" Alfredo said with a smile.

Joy gave Alfredo a hard look and replied, "I don't know what you are talking about. There is no such talent in my Purple Soul Hall. I heard that the anonymous man has even mastered my Gods Killing Sword Array. What's more queer is that he can display the illusory swords with the Cross-world Theurgy. That's an impressive feat. I'm curious about him myse

ned around and prepared to leave.

"Samuel Han!"

Joy shouted in anger. The muscles of her body tightened, showing her perfect figure.

Even though Joy was the Demi-holy Being, it was not appropriate for her to call the Holy Being by his full name.

Alfredo and the other senior leaders were left in awe. They couldn't quite anticipate what was going to happen next.

Samuel froze in his tracks.

"Must our Han Clan be a vassal for another clan?" Joy asked rising her voice.

The Holy Being, as the controller of the universe, had already surpassed the scope of a True God and after they created a huge and complicated world, their comprehension of the world and life had risen to a new level. It could be said that every Holy Being had the absolute great wisdom. They had seen the collapse of the worlds as well as the annihilation of hundreds of billions of creatures and had also experienced endless cycles of reincarnation of life and death.

Therefore, how could such a Holy Being become a vassal for others.

Joy perceived Samuel as invincible and matchless. And the Han Clan had never depended on any other clan. Samuel's affiliation with the Dongfang Clan troubled her.

Samuel turned and stated in a serious tone, "No one. I repeat, no one is qualified to make me their vassal. Not even Jeremiah Leng, Murphy Mu and Nicholas Dongfang."

With that, he left, leaving everyone confused.

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