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   Chapter 2296 The Rankings

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The change in the rankings of the thirty-six Floating Islands on the Time Sea started from the bottom.

Originally, the Floating Island of the Luo Clan had been ranked third to last. But while the Floating Islands of the Xie Clan and the Liu Clan moved upward, the Luo Clan's Floating Island slowly descended.

According to the ranking rules, the last one on the list would be expelled from the Time Sea, after which it would be replaced by a new clan's Floating Island.

Of course, the new clan would need to have at least a Holy Being.

The strongest Holy Beings in the divine land were almost all gathered in the Time Sea, but there were a few exceptions. There were a few large clans with Holy Beings outside of the Time Sea, but they were still too weak to compete with the powerful clans on the Floating Islands, so they didn't have the capability to have a Floating Island on the Time Sea.

"Will the Luo Clan be replaced this time?"

"Of course. The Hall of Holy Beings has long been dissatisfied with the empty Floating Island of the Luo Clan. No one is there, but it holds a seat!"

"The Xie Clan and the Liu Clan that came from the east of the divine land have the support of the Dongfang Clan. And this time, they have performed extremely well in the Arena of Legends. I'm afraid that the Floating Island of the Luo Clan won't be able to maintain its rank based on the points gained by Harold alone."

The women discussed the rankings of the Floating Islands among themselves, pointing at the falling Floating Island of the Luo Clan. Most people thought that the Floating Island of the Luo Clan was a miracle. It had stood in the Time Sea without falling for so many years depending on a single person's points alone.

Zen's frown deepened when he heard the women's discussion.

While his clothes flapped around in the strong wind, he stood rooted to the spot like a statue, staring closely at the Floating Island of the Luo Clan.

For some reason, he felt that this island was immensely important to him. He felt like if it fell into the Time Sea, he would forever lose something dear to him.

However, something unexpected happened then. While the Floating Island of the Luo Clan descended to the second to the bottom, the Floating Island of the Zhou Clan rocked about and started to move down rapidly as well.

"Look, the Floating Island of the Zhou Clan is also moving."

"This time, the Zhou Clan didn't perform well. It is said that several powerful clans worked together to oppress them."

"I wonder which clan will be ranked

Hall of Holy Beings."

The female disciples of the Purple Soul Hall sighed in a low voice.

The rankings of the 36 Floating Islands were constantly changing. This time, although the rankings had changed a lot, none of the changes had come as a surprise.

Suddenly, Zen felt a tremor under his feet.

The entire Floating Island he was standing on began to slowly float upward.

The Han Clan had ranked 10th among the Floating Islands, but now, it surpassed the Tang Clan, the Gu Clan, and the Fang Clan. At last, it was ranked 7th.

The Gu Clan's Floating Island dropped sharply from the 8th rank.

The Gu Clan had two consummate True Gods, Hallet and Augustus. Moreover, they had always had a great advantage when it came to points because they only had a few members. As such, the ranking of their Floating Island had always been stable. So now, its sudden drop in ranking caused a lot of exclamations of surprise from other clans.

Only then did many people remember that Hallet and Augustus hadn't fought in the open battles for the rankings of the Floating Islands.

By the time all the Floating Islands were rearranged, the disciples of the Zhou Clan had left their Floating Island. Under everyone's gaze, the magnificent Floating Island of the Zhou Clan tilted slightly to the side and flew toward the Time Sea.

The moment it touched the Time Sea, the magnificent sea seemed to turn into a ruthless giant beast that chewed the island into pieces and swallowed it up in the blink of an eye. Not even a single residue was left, and no waves were made.

Standing on the boats of the Sun Blind race, the members of the Zhou Clan looked back, their faces filled with grief and reluctance.

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