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   Chapter 2295 Fall (Part Two)

Apotheosis By En Ci Jie Tuo Characters: 5728

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Every woman in the Purple Soul Hall was considered the pride of their clan, having entered the center of the divine land and become a disciple of a powerful clan on the Floating Island.

Once expelled from the Floating Island, they could only expect to face an unimaginable nightmare.

What these women hadn't expected though, was that the day before yesterday, news had been received that the princess of the Han Clan, Laquisha, had defeated the anonymous man. This man had taken part in many battles against opponents of a higher level and lost to Laquisha. The princess had earned nearly two million points!

In other words, that was the equivalent to the Han Clan suddenly having one more consummate True God, out of nowhere.

It was this news that pulled the Purple Soul Hall disciples out from the abyss of desperation.

"Do you know who the anonymous man was? A proving godly warrior who could accumulate several million points... How unbelievable! It almost killed me just to accumulate two hundred points," a woman sighed.

"Ha-Ha! What's important here is that the anonymous man was defeated by the princess, and he lost most of his points to her - points that he had earned through his hard work. I believe that the anonymous man must be very sad!" said another woman, with a smile.

"Think about it, all of you! Why exactly was this anonymous man defeated by the princess? It has been said that this anonymous man is from our Han Clan. He was surely defeated by the princess on purpose!"

"Do you really think that's true?" someone questioned.

"I don't believe it. The princess' strength is extraordinary. She was originally ranked third among the low-rank True Gods. I think it's norma

Purple Soul Hall, but I haven't made any progress," the woman said, shaking her head in despair.

"There will always be other opportunities. When it comes to cultivating a Godly Way, it's usually the smallest opportunities that make the biggest difference. Trust me, I'm speaking from experience," Zen said.

"Yeah, you're right." The woman nodded and suddenly pointed down. "Look," she said. "The Floating Islands are moving. The ranking process has begun..."


With a dull roar, Zen saw the two Floating Islands - one of the Xie Clan and the other of the Liu Clan, which were at the bottom, began to rise slowly. Simultaneously, the Floating Island of the Luo Clan began to descend slowly. So much so, in fact, that it was about to fall into the Time Sea!

"What happened? "Harold has defeated Rachelle in the open battle and won many points for the Luo Clan, hasn't he? Why is the Floating Island of Luo Clan falling now? How is this possible?" Zen asked in disbelief. Zen's eyes were filled with anxiety and confusion. As the Luo Clan's Floating Island continued falling, his heart couldn't help but sink along with it.

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