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   Chapter 2294 Fall (Part One)

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Not even a second later, Zen looked down and gently tapped the side of a snowy mountain peak with the tip of his finger.

The snow on the peak disappeared in the blink of an eye, revealing the dark cyan rock wall hidden beneath.

Zen waved his hand, and the peak, which was already well over ten thousand feet high, began to float in the air. Under Zen's control, the enormous peak crackled in movement. For a moment, dust billowed all around and stones flew into the air...

As he watched this scene, the Evil God also secretly felt quite shocked.

With the Evil God's power, destroying an entire mountain with a height of ten thousand feet was a breeze. On the other hand, grabbing a mountain of this size and remolding it at will like what the Creator had done was impossible for him to achieve.

It didn't take long before the huge peak turned into enormous stones, each a hundred feet in size. At that very moment, Zen closed his eyes, and an invisible force spread out from his body. He was an omnipotent existence in this world, and thus, nothing could stop him.

As the invisible force swept over, the surfaces of all the giant stones turned into fine powder that blew away in the wind.

When all the powder was gone, the giant stones turned into giant statues of Zen's image that floated in the air.

"I will distribute these one hundred statues to every corner of this world, and you will complete the rest." Once Zen had finished speaking, his figure once again weirdly disappeared into the air, along with the one hundred statues that had covered both the sky and the sun.

Moments later, Zen appeared in the Emerald Pine City, which was over a thousand miles away from the snow mountain.

As Zen floated strangely in the air, he didn't trigger any of the city's restrictions. He did however, attract th

wo days later, the wind continued blowing.

Across the Time Sea, the gusts of wind became stronger and stronger. The magnificent seawater began to turmoil and turned into waves that rolled out on the sea.

Occasionally, a few strange fish popped out of the sea's surface. The creatures wandering in the time fragments had the magical power of protecting themselves from the Time Sea's tearing power.

The increasingly strong wind worked like a pair of chopsticks that got into the muddy water, continuously stirring the thick clouds. The thick clouds acted like huge spirals, circling in the sky above the entire Time Sea.

At the edge of the Purple Soul Hall stood a viewing deck where many female disciples gathered. Right now, they all looked somewhat gaunt.

Over the past few months, in order to obtain points, they had tried their best to fight in the Arena of Legends. However, their strength was limited, and so were the points they received.

Only a few days ago, the Purple Soul Hall had tallied all the points, but they failed to meet their master's requirements. Almost everyone was in despair. According to what Joy had said, most of them would be forced to leave the Han Clan's Floating Island.

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