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   Chapter 2293 Levels Of Lives

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In the inner world, various sacred places, large clans started to fight for these rays of light that contained the internal momentum. The light rays were in such a demand that many sects even started a war.

Back then, Zen did not want Evil God to build his own divine kingdom and gather the Faith Energy. Hence, he had cut off Evil God's intentions. Thereafter, Evil God dismissed his divine kingdom. And that was when Zen established a new rule in the inner world. No martial artists were allowed to establish a divine kingdom. Nor were they allowed to light the incense to absorb the Faith Energy.

Every time a powerful warrior appeared and proclaimed his intention to develop the sect into a divine kingdom, Evil God would interfere and abolish the warrior's purpose.

So far, Evil God proved to be the strongest martial artist in the inner world. As a result, nobody dared to oppose him. The martial artists did not have a clue about Evil God's opposition. Hence they had no option. As the strongest martial artist in the inner world, Evil God's strength had far exceeded that of an ordinary martial artist. Although those powerful martial artists didn't know why Evil God did not allow it, they had no choice but to develop the sects into the sacred places. Therefore, there were only sacred places in this world and no divine kingdoms.

Zen did not interfere when the sacred places were fighting for the light containing the internal momentum. A baby world took its own time to grow up slowly. That was the nature's rule. As long as they did not seriously affect the balance of the world, the way Evil God had done back then.

If one looked closely, a lone figure could be seen atop a mountain.

Evil God sat cross legged on the top of the mountain, alone.

Ever since Evil God had retired, he became a legend, his position just next to the world's creator. He was in charge of managing the inner world.

Very few exceptional masters were aware about his existence.

The strange phenomenon continued to develop in the sky. At the same time, Evil God felt the blockage that had been trapped inside his body, was released.

This barrier was not caused by his own strength, but by the world itself. Previously, no world lord was allowed to appear in this world, so he was destined to continue his existence in the same cultivation level.

But when Zen's Godly Tile matured, he was like a wild horse, freeing himself from the limits of the world and stepping into the world lord realm.

When one became a world lord, he or she would disturb the vitality between heaven and earth and transform it into a Boundary Cloud. This Boundary Cloud attracted Zen's attention because of its increasing size.

"Ten miles. Twenty miles. Thirty miles."

Zen raised his head and looked at the rapidly expanding Boundary Cloud, with a trace of surprise in his eyes.

The most exceptional world lor

orld where Creator is?

Could they cultivate the internal momentum as well?'

Countless questions were going through Evil God's mind.

It was not that Evil God was not smart. In fact, he possessed the highest intelligence quotient.

However, the level of his life was limited.

As Evil God had grown up in this relatively narrow world, he couldn't understand the boundless divine land. With his current knowledge and experience, he was always under the impression that Zen's world was about the same size as this world.

"I have my own Godly Tile now, so now there are some things that I need your help to accomplish," Zen said quietly.

There was only a small segment of people, who were aware of Zen's existence. After the Godly Tile was condensed, Zen could absorb the Faith Energy through the Godly Tile.

The Faith Energy was the momentum of a world. After a proving godly warrior became a True God, they would usually give up their life vitality and use the Faith Energy, to prevent the life vitality from being consumed.

However, Zen was still a little confused about choosing the Faith Energy or continuing using the chaotic energy.

For an ordinary True God, using life vitality to display a theurgy was a far too energy consuming thing. If the life vitality was consumed too much, it could even cause the entire inner world to collapse and the inner world would have to be rebuilt. However, Zen's chaotic energy was very durable compared to the life vitality. Moreover, Zen's World Tree was able to continuously absorb the chaotic energy from the outside world. Therefore, Zen didn't require the Faith Energy at the moment.

However, Zen still needed to figure out the difference between the Faith Energy produced by the world that was constructed through chaos and the Faith Energy of the other True Gods.

Evil God was naturally willing to help Zen, after all he had collected the Faith Energy before.

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