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   Chapter 2292 The Construction Of The Divine Land

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Zen desired to know the reason he was unable to form a Godly Tile. Thus, he read quite a few books after he entered the Purple Soul Hall.

The description of the Godly Tile lay bare in one of the classics.

The Godly Tiles were the True Gods' profound comprehension of the Godly Ways, and they were condensed after the Internal Momentum Clouds formed.

These Godly Tiles had different shapes. They were square, circular, rectangle and even polygonal shaped. The dual Godly Tile was formed by two equal parts, whereas the triple Godly Tile consisted of three equal parts.

The edge of Zen's Godly Tile was covered with dense scales. It was quite like the Infinity Ruler. It was as if the Infinity Ruler had rolled up to the edge of the Godly Tile. Zen could also feel the internal momentum of the Godly Ways from the scales.

As the light emerged from the Infinity Ruler, it made its way towards the Godly Tile. About three thousand rays of light were emitted. The majority of the light rays were light golden, but some rays were of different colors.

The light that contained the Snow Godly Way emitted a ray of white cold light.

With a sudden whoosh, Zen's body was suspended in the cold light.

The cold light made its way towards the chaotic sea.

Faint snowflakes began to appear where the light fell. These snowflakes also contained the internal momentum of the Snow Godly Way, and the surface of the chaotic sea began to slowly freeze.

A moment later, Zen's body flashed and appeared under another ray of purple light.

The purple light hit the coast of the continent.

The onlookers on the coast were in awe as they noticed the light. The humans that were present in Zen's inner world were shocked as to where the light came from.

"Is this purple light auspicious?"

"I think it contains something that is beyond our comprehension."

"Who is talented enough to cultivate this kind of light?"

Zen's sudden appearance shocked the onlookers.

There were a few people in this world who could instantly teleport to any place. Zen was one of them. He could even teleport silently without any space fluctuation. No one was able to do so in his inner world.

These people belonged to the sixth-grade sacred place on the continent. Many of them had reached the Soul Sea Realm, and they also had a vast experience and knowledge.

"Who is he?" An old man at the Soul Sea Realm stared at Zen.

"He is the Venerable Creator!"

another middle-aged man at the Soul Sea Realm stated. He knelt in front of Zen. "Greetings, Venerable Creator!"

Zen had many titles in this world, and each culture had a different name for him. According to the culture followed by the people in this continent, Zen not only created this world, but also too

his sect come over to have a try.

"You won't be able to cultivate the Purple Aura Godly Way, but look..." Zen pointed towards the sky and said, "Did you notice the rays of light?"

The old man of the Soul Sea Realm gave him a nod. The phenomenon was quite unusual. He brought the elites of the sect to this place along the rays of light.

"Except the golden light rays, the internal momentum of other light rays can be comprehended," Zen stated.

The golden rays of light were from the Godly Ways that Zen had never absorbed. The scales of the Godly Ways that had been absorbed reflected all sorts of aura and colorful light rays.

The old man was quite pleased when he heard what Zen said. He and his sect members wanted to rush over and comprehend immediately, but given that the Venerable Creator was present, they just stood there.

There was a splash, and a huge Boundary Cloud was visible far away in the distant sky of the inner world.

Someone had become a world lord.

Zen was quite surprised by the unexpected turn of events, as the shadow of the Evil God flashed right before him. Then he smiled with relief. The Evil God's talent was extremely terrifying. Zen had just proven the Godly Way while the Evil God was immediately able to become a world lord.

Zen addressed the old man, "Goodbye." There was a flash, and he disappeared with a flash. His body still did not produce any space fluctuation.

After seeing Zen leave, the old man of the Soul Sea Realm pointed at the grey light and said, "Quick. Don't let the Dark Cloud Sect get ahead of us. Send more people to guard this purple light ray, and then bring out all the female warriors of our sect."

The Dark Cloud Sect was also a sixth-grade sacred place.

The grey light ray that was visible contained the internal momentum of the Tortoise Godly Way.

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