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   Chapter 2291 A Multiple Godly Tile

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Zen quietly gazed at the crystal on the Godly Plate, his heart brimming with excitement.

He didn't have a Godly Tile so he was unable to use the power of Faith Energy. This also meant being unable to display the theurgy of his Godly Way.

Fortunately, Zen was able to use chaotic energy. By relying on it, Zen had managed to make up for the difference between him and the True Gods.

'If there are True Gods that exist in my inner world, then my momentum could be considered coming from True Gods. If that's the case, then what's the difference between my momentum and the momentum of ordinary True Gods?'

Zen did not know how the two differed, but he was looking forward to finding out.

Whoosh, whoosh, whoosh!

The sword cloud began to shrink. From a distance, it looked as if it was being devoured by a monster.

When the whole thing disappeared, Zen flashed and popped on top of the Godly Plate. After examining it for a while, he found a transparent crystal the size of his palm in it.

"It became bigger..."

Although the crystal had been completely integrated with the other one that was formed after absorbing the clumps of mud he previously threw in, compared to the Godly Plate, it was only a small part.

"Go on!"

Without hesitation, Zen reached for another clump of mud, and threw it into his inner world.

Minutes later, another sword cloud rose.

It left behind a transparent crystal in the Godly Plate which overlapped with the other crystal, and now occupied about a third of the size of the Godly Plate. If he continued to condense the crystal at such rate, he supposed that after he threw all the mud in his inner world, the transparent crystal he finally got would be more than enough to take up the whole the Godly Plate!

Zen then continued to throw mud into it little by little, the transparent crystal growing larger and larger with every handful he took. The strange thing, however, was that it condensed in the middle of the Godly Plate instead of around it. It turned into a round and smooth crystal, quietly lying in the middle of the Godly Plate and emitting a faint light.

This was also the first time that he condensed a Godly Tile so he had no idea whether what he was doing was correct.

'Now, I should be able to get a perfect Godly Tile, ' Zen thought as he threw the last of the mud in his inner world.

As the mud turned into a cloud and hovered above, a beautiful crystal slowly began to take shape on the Godly Plate.

Meanwhile, the lower part of the Godly Plate began to spin steadily and the divine textures on the surface faintly glowed.

This Godly Plate was meant to support the Godly Tile and stabilize it in one's inner world. However, as Zen's Godly Tile condensed, the Godly Plate suddenly trembled.

Crack! Crack!

Countless cracks appeared on the surface of the plate, and in the blink of an eye, it shattered into tin

tivate the first three levels of a Godly Way. With enough time and determination, one would be able to master them. Especially for these geniuses of the rich clans, it was a common thing for them to cultivate a few types of Godly Ways with their special talents.

But if one wanted to cultivate the last three levels of a Godly Way, which were more advanced, they would have to condense their own Godly Tiles. Otherwise, it would be difficult for them to use the internal momentum of the last three levels of their chosen Godly Way.

However, the theurgy beyond way was an exception. Even if a True God had never cultivated any Godly Way, if they could somehow grasp a powerful theurgy beyond way, they'd be able to release terrifying power. For instance, back then when Zen hadn't practiced the Mysterious Ice Godly Way, he was still able to use the Ice Soul Flame.

The theurgies at the consummate level were the most important. If one condensed the Five Elements Godly Tile, they could only become consummate True Gods by reaching the consummate level of Five Elements Godly Way - Divine Five Elements Body. At the same time, they wouldn't be able to cultivate any consummate level theurgies of any other Godly Ways.

However, True Gods with multiple Godly Tile could freely choose which Godly Way they wanted to cultivate.

There were also cases where some of them could even cultivate two consummate level theurgies and became duel consummate True Gods, which would make them more powerful than common consummate True Gods.

Of course, the number of True Gods that had a duel Godly Tile was small, and the True Gods who could cultivate their dual Godly Tiles to consummate level were even rarer.

But Zen saw three thousand small scales appear around his Godly Tile, something that made him feel extremely strange.

This seemed to be a multiple Godly Tile, and it was a Godly Tile containing three thousand Godly Ways?

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