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   Chapter 2290 A Human Figure

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Joy finally put a stop to the ongoing drama between Zen and Laquisha.

In the end, Zen hadn't promised Laquisha a thing.

In Zen's opinion, Margaret, Rocher, Letitia and the others in the fairy palace were all creatures born in the Evolutionary Universe and had been closely related to the life and death of the latter.

Laquisha, on the other hand, was different. Judging from the overall situation, she was just an outsider. It was unwise for her to get involved in what Zen was facing, and he simply wasn't willing to do so.

Ultimately, Laquisha ended up leaving bitterly, with disappointment in her eyes. As he looked at her retreating figure, Zen couldn't help but feel at a loss.

Joy didn't mention anything about the dispute between the two. She had a faint feeling that she'd be faced with a choice; the Floating Islands and even the entire divine land would be faced with a choice.

Ever since the Floating Islands and the Hall of Holy Beings had been established, the divine land had lasted for countless divine eras.

For ordinary mortals, this was considered an eternal existence.

To the True Gods who were immortal, on the other hand, they had lived longer, and thus, they could see many crises.

There was a saying that the divine land was falling and was about to be destroyed, and another one that said the Time Sea was expanding. They were also trapped in the endless debate concerning the Godly Ways, and up until now, there still hadn't been a complete conclusion.

In the endless time, these paradoxes were ultimately hard to prove. These caused the True Gods and even the Holy Beings to feel even more confused.

A few hours had passed.

Zen was in one of the best practice rooms of the Purple Soul Hall.

The warriors who were capable of using these practice rooms were mostly the top-rank True Gods in the Purple Soul Hall.

Zen sat up straight and turned his hand over. In the blink of an eye, the Golden Beast Statue appeared before him.

The Golden Beast Statue was a special kind of beast that looked neither like a lion nor a tiger. Zen didn't know what the beast was exactly.

Since the Han Clan was willing to pull the treasure out and treat it like a reward, it clearly had to be a valuable treasure in and of itself. Due to such, Zen made the decision to take some time to refine it.

After observing the Golden Beast Statue for a short while, he noticed a small round divine texture on its back side.

Upon noticing the divine texture, Zen touched it with his finger and injected it with a hint of chaotic energy.

Hiss! Hiss!

The chaotic energy surged down the divine texture, and the latter began to spin. Then, it slowly rose, forming a small funnel. It was an amazing sight to watch.

'Do I need to put a drop of my blood int

d only observe this scene nervously. The mud couldn't have lost its effect just because it had been dug too long ago, could it?

He reflected on the possibility carefully. The first mud he absorbed had been really slow to react. It had been dug out by the Tie Clan for a long time, while the fresh mud he had obtained from the cave had really reacted very quickly.

The mud used to make the plate to hold the Golden Beast Statue had been dug out for a longer period of time. He estimated that the reaction time could be longer.

That said though, the waiting process was a sufferance. If the mud really was useless after being dug out for so long, then Zen would have to delay the moment he'd form his Godly Tile.

It took about an hour, but felt much, much longer.

A single bubble floated out from the bottom of the chaotic sea. Soon after, more and more bubbles began to emerge.

As he watched the scene play out before him, Zen sighed with relief. It seemed that there was no reason for him to worry, after all.

As the bubbles constantly emerged, a small cloud formed in the sky above the chaotic sea. As the cloud spread, Zen integrated his internal momentum directly into it. Not long after, a huge sword cloud appeared.

The mud that Zen had just thrown in was a lot larger than both previous times, and the sword cloud was naturally even larger. As soon as the sword cloud was condensed, it floated toward the Godly Plate in the center of his inner world.

With his previous successful experiences, Zen didn't need to stare at the sword cloud to condense the Godly Tile. Instead, this time, he continued to crush the mud and throw it into his inner world, piece by piece.

It didn't take long before a large number of sword clouds slowly floated in the air in Zen's inner world, and the crystal in the Godly Plate became bigger and bigger.

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