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   Chapter 2289 Being Defeated

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Zen was stunned for a moment. After he had regained his composure, he smiled faintly and said, "Don't be absurd. You won't die."

"I am telling you the truth!"

Laquisha snapped angrily. She pounced on Zen and grabbed him tightly by the collar, her eyes burning with rage.

An explosive power generated from her, and it hit him.

Zen was taken aback by the magnitude of that explosion. He landed on the ground, on his back. Laquisha landed on top of him. They gazed into each other's eyes.

Laquisha couldn't make out Zen's expression due to the mist covering his face. She heard his muffled laughter though. "Don't you dare laugh at me! My strength and talent are no worse than Nelly's," she stated.

Those who were able to rank among the top ten in the Arena of Legends often had their own unique talents.

As a matter of fact, Nelly had a dual Godly Tile and had the theurgy beyond way which was specially designed for her by Murphy. Laquisha, on the other hand, was the possessor of a special preternatural flame.

As if boasting about her strength, Laquisha jumped into air, and the air around her became dry. Streaks of bright blue flames began to dance on her left hand.

Suddenly, the flames condensed into a blue spear which was directed towards Zen.

"Stand up, Zen! Use your strength to the fullest!" Laquisha ordered in an assertive voice.

She had been defeated by Nelly in the past, as the latter possessed the Avenging Body. If it weren't for the Avenging Body, it would have been a daunting task for Nelly to fight against Laquisha.

When Laquisha was finally able to find a way to counter Nelly's Avenging Body, Nelly never accepted her challenge, much to her annoyance. Had she accepted Laquisha's challenge, she might have had to give Laquisha the first place in the Hall of True Gods of the low-rank True Gods.

Lying on the ground, Zen looked at the spear that Laquisha had conjured. A sharp aura emitted from the tip of the spear. It seemed as if the spear had the ability to penetrate everything.

Laquisha had indeed made great progress. She had become much stronger than Zen had expected her to be. Her being ranked among the top three people in the Hall of True Gods justified her strength.

'I don't want her to get involved. It's quite dangerous, ' Zen thought.

He was able to see much more clearly after entering the Floating Island of the Han Clan. He was also able to see his enemies who were able to conceive themselves

nse. Giving up, she finally made her way back to her room and left the Hall of True Gods.

She ignored the queer expression on many people's faces as she passed them by in the Hall of True Gods.

"Laquisha won the battle against the anonymous man!"

"I've told you, the anonymous man is from the Han Clan. He let Laquisha win. This way, no one would know his identity and he would never be exposed."

"You think so? If the Dongfang Clan really makes a move, the Han Clan could do nothing to protect the anonymous man."

The first defeat of the anonymous man got everyone talking and speculating. People had their doubts regarding the anonymous man belonging to the Han Clan. Now, it was all confirmed.

Laquisha had almost acquired two million points by defeating Zen. Therefore, in the rankings of the Floating Islands, the Han Clan was likely to have an advantage.

In Joy's palace, she watched the Jade Wall of Legends emit some faint light as she saw two figures emerging from it. Joy said to Zen, "So you have lost your points…"

Before she could finish her sentence, Laquisha shouted in rage, "Stop!" Zen backed off a few steps.

"I have already proved my strength, haven't I?" she said in a fit of rage.

Zen gave a weak smile and said, "I lost to you accidentally."

"Well, isn't this the worst excuse of all times? If we were not in the ring, you would have died. And you wouldn't be standing here right now," she stated angrily.

Joy had no idea what on earth was going on between the two.

'Wasn't Zen supposed to lose to Laquisha?' she thought. She knew nothing of the spat between the two in the Arena of Legends.

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