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   Chapter 2288 Rejection

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When Zen won against Nelly, he equally won the final battle in the Arena of Legends.

The Gods Killing Sword Array hadn't fought with its ultimate strength. In fact, although Zen had destroyed Nelly's own body after releasing all four of the swords, he could do nothing at all to her Avenging Body.

In the end, Zen never truly defeated Nelly's Avenging Body, but fortunately, the Arena of Legends still announced him to be the winner of the battle.

The next step Zen had to take care of was losing to Laquisha and giving her his points.

In this way, it would be difficult for the wealthy clans on the Floating Islands to investigate the anonymous man's true identity. Moreover, Zen could make an attempt in becoming a True God by taking in the mysterious mud.

As Zen glanced at the wall, he found that Laquisha's name was grey, which meant that she wasn't in the Hall of True Gods. Even if he challenged her, he wouldn't receive her response.

Zen had no interest in continuing to challenge the other low-rank True Gods. Without lingering much longer, he left the Hall of True Gods.

Now, his room was ranked first in the Hall of True Gods. Nelly, on her behalf, had fallen down two places, currently positioned behind Laquisha. As for Pearl's room, it was still second.

In Joy's palace, the atmosphere was sullen.

Laquisha buried her head in Joy's chest, sobbing.

Joy was trying to comfort her, frowning somewhat.

Zen hadn't told her what had happened between him and the Dongfang Clan. Thus, there was no way she could have expected him to be in such trouble.

If the Dongfang Clan really wanted to retrieve Zen from the Han Clan, the pressure would be passed on from Samuel to Joy.

Zen was now in an anonymous state. Other than himself, Joy, Laquisha, and her sister, Aleyna, it was possible that no else knew who the anonymous man was.

If Joy hadn't told anyone else about Zen's identity, they would never find him.

The question was whether she was capable of resisting the pressure.

"Samuel has made a mistake," Joy said in a low voice, as she stroked Laquisha's silky hair gently with her fingers.

In a state of depression, Laquisha had confessed a lot of things to Joy, such as how she had made acquaintance with Zen in the Divine Refinement Forbidden Land as well as her future plans.

The little girl's courage made Joy sigh with admiration. Laquisha had regarded Zen as her soul mate. If there was any chance for him to escape from the Floating Island with her, she even hoped Joy could help them.

Honestly speaking, had it been any other warrior aside from Zen, Joy could

e'd do so in a hurry. His attitude disappointed her bitterly, so much so that she was even embarrassed to disclose that to Zen.

"I won't go to the Dongfang Clan." Zen placed his hands on Laquisha's shoulders, slightly pushed her back and added with a smile, "I'll leave the Floating Island long before they come for me."

"I know," Laquisha nodded. Other people had to try figuring out what Harold had meant, but there was no need for her to do so. Harold knew Zen was in the Han Clan's Floating Island, and of course Laquisha knew what Harold had tried to tell Zen. "I want to leave here with you anyway!"

Zen shook his head slightly. "No," he said firmly and inserted the jade token into the Jade Wall of Legends. Once again, he stepped into the Hall of True Gods.

As she watched Zen react, Laquisha pursed her lips. She activated her jade token in a fit of rage and she too, entered the Hall of True Gods.

As soon as he had seen the name "Laquisha" written on the screen, Zen chose to challenge her.

Before long, Zen stepped into the Arena of Legends. He was actually on a strange island, and surrounding him was the vast sea. This was probably the scene selected by Laquisha.

The said island was barely over a hundred feet wide, and as a battle ring between two True Gods, this was much too small.

Soon enough, it was Laquisha's turn to step into this world. She walked directly over to Zen and asked, "Why did you refuse me?"

"You'll die." Zen thought for a moment and then added, "Or perhaps I'd say you have very high chances of dying, because it's very dangerous."

"And what if I told you I would definitely die if I chose to stay here?" Laquisha asked in a serious tone, all while staring Zen straight in the eye.

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